Cabrini Division III for a reason

By John Holloway
November 13, 2003

Toccara Buckley

Cabrini College is not, and never will be a division I school. We are proudly a member of the Division III status, and that is where we are going to stay. There are much confusion on the distinctions that separate Division I, Division II, and Division III. Luckily NCAA provides a website that clearly defines everything.

Division I schools do not necessarily mean the greatest college athletes are attending that school. Much of the division status has to do with how many students attend the specific school, how many sports are played there, and if the sports teams are evenly distributed between a certain amount of men’s and women’s teams.

Cabrini is a small private college. According to the, 20,000 spectators have to show up for a weekly average at every home football game for any Division I football team. Cabrini is lucky to have 20,000 spectators at every one of their sports events combined in a full year.

There are more requirements to be a Division III school than it is to be a Division II. First, Divison II only need four men’s, and four women’s sports. While Division III needs at least five. Cabrini focuses on academics, then sports as an extra-curricular activity. Division II schools have scholarship programs and minimum requirements for athletes. It is two sports orientated.

In a Division III school, the sports are treated without any special treatment. This right here is a perfect example of Cabrini not being a Jockocracy. They treat their sports department like they would treat science department.

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John Holloway

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