Cabrini Day schedule

By Other Staff
October 26, 2000

10 a. m. – Noon

Celebrity Brunch. (Founders’ Hall cafeteria) See your favorite professors and staff members demonstrate their skills in making waffles, serving bacon and eggs and waiting tables.

Session One: 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m.

“Getting Along: A Live Musical Performance and Video” (Lecture Hall) Through live performance and video, Getting Along helps people identify why conflicts occur and avoid crisis situations. Moderator: Shirley Dixon, Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives.

“Bridging the Cultural Divide: Ministry to Immigrants in NY” (309) Lisa Grzyboski’s year of service with Cabrini Mission Corps has changed her views. Talk to her about what she is doing in her work with immigrants in New York City. Presenters: Eileen Zebrowski, Madeline Bialecki and Lisa Grzyboski, Cabrini Mission Corps.

“Coming to the United States: Acting as Sponsors” (352) How can immigrants get the rest of their family members into the United States? How do they get green cards? This workshop is of special interest to students interested in global issues. Presenter: Linda J. Collier, Esquire.

“What do Cabrini Students Say About Service?” (210) Talk about how you feel about community service and service learning. Presenter: Dr. Janet Lohmann, Co-Chair, Cabrini Institute.

“Celebrating our Armenian Heritage” (205) In the early 20th century, the Armenian people were victims of genocide. How do people retain and transmit their cultural heritage in the face of oppression? Presenters: Harry Andonian and Mary Zakarian. Moderator: Professor Bob McGee.

“Freedom from Hunger: Learnings from the Hunger Project” (279) Students in Biology 250: Nutrition were assigned The Hunger Project. Five students will present their projects and talk about the people they worked with. Presenters: Justin Christian, Eric Kenny, Renee Lewis, Megan Lomas, Nyetta Pendleton. Moderator: Dr. Sherry Fuller-Espie

“What do you Know? A Quiz Show on the Environment” (211) Raise your awareness of environmental issues. Match wits with fellow students, faculty and staff in a highly interactive quiz show format. Moderators: Dr. Lou Nudy and the Science Department.

“Coming from Bosnia to Cabrini College” (358) Sjela (Shayla), Assistant Director of Resident Life, came to the United States after she and her sister escaped from the war in Bosnia. Talk with Sjela about her experiences. Presenter: Sjela Hasic-Stamps

“Detention of Immigrants in American Prisons” (207) The US Immigration and Naturalization Service is currently holding 15,000 detainees in American prison. Dr. Westerman will discuss the situation. Presenter: Dr. William Westerman, Director of Programs for Immigrant Traditional Artists for International Institute of NJ. Moderator: Dr. Leonard Primiano.

“Reaching out to Sudanese Refugees” (313) Talk with Alice Muludiang, a Sudanese refugee, who is now a social worker with the Southern Sudanese Relief Foundation in Philadelphia. Presenter: Alice Muludiang, Southern Sudanese Relief Foundation. Moderator: Mary Laver.

Session Two: 2:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.

“Where do Presidential Candidates Stand on the Issues?” (Lecture Hall) Hear a panel of Cabrini faculty members analyze key issues in the campaign and learn where each candidate stands. Moderator: Dr. Jerry Zurek

“Bridging the Cultural Divide: Ministry to Immigrants in NY” (309)

“Amnesty International at Cabrini College” (203) Join students in Cabrini’s Amnesty International Chapter and Alliance for Justice in exploring the effect gun violence has on families and communities. Speaker TBA. Presenters: Melissa Shannon and Azeen Kermati

“Philadelphia & the Rest of the World: Immigrants, Migrants and Refugees” (202) Maybe you never knew Philadelphia is a center of immigration. Talk to Father Betz about how the city relates to immigrants, migrant workers and refugees. Presenter: Father Tom Betz, Director of Archdiocesan Pastoral Care for Migrants and Refugees

“Words We Bring With Us: The Immigrant Experience” (Grace Hall Board Room) Woodcrest, Cabrini’s literary magazine, sponsors a reading of literary works. Speakers include faculty members, students and Father John McNamee, renowned poet and inner city priest. Presenters: Carolyn Ashton and Chris Vesci. Moderator: Dr. Seth Frechie

“Civil War: Hidden Victims in the Sudan and Burundi” (208) Kristen Schwarze spent six years in Africa doing volunteer relief work in Sudan and Burundi. Talk about her work with women and children who are the hidden victims of the civil war in the region. Presenter: Kristen Schwarze. Moderator: Dr. Sharon Schwarze.

“Immigration `On the Spot'” (Red Cloud Theatre) Cabrini’s Improvisational Troupe, “On the Spot,” will do an improvisational show, based on themes from the day’s events. Presented by Cabrini Improvisational Troupe: Matt Holmes, Lisa Finegan, Tony Barrett, Stephanie Masucci, Jessi Snow, Kit Dewey. Moderator: Neal Newman

“Detention of Immigrants in American Prisons” (207)

“Working in Another Culture” (351) Brother Corso has lived and worked in Peru and now works with the Norbertine Outreach Committee with migrants at Mission Santa Maria, an agency that helps migrant workers who labor in the mushroom fields in Kennett Square. Presenter: Brother Blase Corso, O. Praem, Daylesford Abbey

3:15 p.m.-4:30p.m.

Awards Ceremony (Grace Hall Atrium) Charles A. Mastronardi Awards for Leadership and Sevice, Cabrini Award presented to Cabrini Immigrant Services of New York.

Prayer Service

8:30 p.m.

FREE dress rehearsal of “Popcorn!” (Red Cloud Theatre)

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Other Staff

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