Cabrini College students share back-to-school coping strategies

By Brittany Such
September 15, 2006

With the end of summer here, and fall peeking around every corner there is a sense of shock that Cabrini College students are rather good at avoiding.

This past week as most college students are panicking and sweating the long list of future assignments listed on their syllabuses, Cabrini College students are remaining calm, cool, and collected about the upcoming obstacles, tasks, and challenges they will face. The next four months are very hectic and stressful for the average college student and Cabrini College students seem to really know how to prioritize and manage their lives.

“I’m the type of person that always has a million things going on at once. I cannot leave my room or go anywhere without my is my LIFE” Senior American studies major/Spanish minor, Megan Eller said.

This type of dedication and prioritizing has become a serious rationalization for Cabrini College students whom are taking their education seriously, but also have an active social life and are very much involved with many other school activities. The growth and grounding among the returning Cabrini College students is really remarkable. Each student busily flocks to and from classes with books in hand and not much of a nerve going off in their body.

“I have to make an effort to write things down, like deadlines and appointments. Coming back to school is always difficult, but I found the way I’m successful is to throw myself right back into it and hit the ground running,” says Junior English communication major Jonathan Barnett.

Organization seems to be a key factor amongst the student body at Cabrini College and keeping eyes wide open to the road ahead. Students are willingly involved and use the same sort of pattern of strategies in order to keep things rolling and running smoothly in their daily agendas. The jam-packed day seems to fly by for students and without very much of missing a blink of the eye.

“I make sure I’m up everyday for class and I’m used to getting up, and I try to keep the same schedule going,” says Junior English/communications major Matt Mckinney.

It clearly noticeable that Cabrini College students have the right idea when it comes to getting back into the swing of things for back-to-school. Students don’t show much stress, or over partying behavior. The student body at Cabrini College obviously shares much more than just professors, classmates and classroom walls, the students at Cabrini share studious and professional living styles!

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Brittany Such

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