Cabrini College: 9/11/02

By Richard Magda
September 12, 2002

Sept. 11 has changed our nation. With Tuesday’s announcement of a heightened terror alert from moderate risk to high risk, America continues to adapt to a post Sept. 11 world. But has it changed Cabrini?

Senior Kat Pirrone, of Brooklyn, remembers the change immediately after the attacks. “Last year, people – complete strangers – offered to drive me home after it happened. Everyone was sympathetic and wondering how I was,”Pironne said.

Pironne nearly lost her father, who worked in Tower Two. “He was at breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts four blocks away when it happened, ” she said.

Students not directly involved with the attacks noticed the change as well.

“When Sept. 11 happened, everyone was nicer and reached out more,” Annmarie Smith, junior, said.

“Whether or not you knew the person, if you needed help they would help.”

A year later, Cabrini has returned to normalcy, according to Joye Shrager, counselor at the Rooyman’s Center. “The nature of the age is to live in the moment. Sept. 11 is a past moment now,” Shrager said.

“Students didn’t forget about it, but it’s not the first thing on their minds anymore.”

Richard Magda

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