Cabrini captains: leaders of the PAC

By Justin Hallman
September 25, 2003

Steph Mangold

A captain is someone who by definition is a leader for whom his or her respective teammates should follow and best learn from. In the world of sports, especially in the realm of college athletics, a captain is someone who guides his or her peers towards a common goal by showcasing experience and wisdom, both on the playing field and off.

“I feel that leadership and having the respect of your players and coaches is what it takes to be a captain,” Rory Friel, co-captain of the men’s lacrosse team, said. “These are two things that I take very seriously, because in order to be a successful team there must be people to show the younger guys the way things should be done, both in and out of the classroom.”

Captains at Cabrini are usually selected by their teammates, in hopes that they will be able to lead their team to a winning season. The respect that is garnered by being appointed captain of any team is an honor above most.

“Captains have to have energy and have to keep players up when everyone else is down,” Alissa Smith, women’s volleyball captain, said.

“Good leadership qualities, setting a good example, and just being there when your teams needs you the most is what I think are important factors of being a captain,” Heather St. Amour, co-captain of the women’s soccer team, said.

All athletic teams on campus are guided by a head coach, however it is the coach on the field, the captain, that is at times most important. A captain must always be optimistic towards their team’s chances, but still be stern in delivering key messages to the rest of the team. This can at times lead to criticism, but in most cases a positive outlook usually comes out of the situation.

“I feel that the way this team [men’s lacrosse] is coming together so early in the year is a great sign. I feel this team has the potential to do great things,” Friel said. “But for this team to be like the great teams in the past I think that we need to communicate a little better. It is still early and we are getting a feel for one another’s style of play, but give us time and we will be as good or better than the years before.”

“This is the best year so far since I have been here and this is my fourth year. We are working together as a team. Everyone is giving everything they have and are determined to win,” Smith said. “They have to believe in themselves and know that we are capable of beating teams that we feel are better, never giving up and keep our goal in mind that we are going to make it in the playoffs this year.”

At Cabrini, the leaders of the Cavaliers take their responsibilities very strongly, as what should in turn be expected from good captains. In fact, captains at any level are important to their team’s overall performance. Guidance, trust, respect, and confidence, as well as a list of other significant aspects, make up what it takes to be a good captain.

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Justin Hallman

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