Cabrini athletes named to Academic All-Area team

By Meghan McSloy
January 28, 2010

Honoring their efforts as standout athletes and students, three seniors, Sabina DeGisi, Lizzie Williams and Bryan Johnson, were honored for both their grades and their athletic ability by being named to The Philadelphia Inquirer Academic All-Area team.

DeGisi was named to the team for her efforts as a member of the women’s soccer team.

Upon finding out that she was named to the Academic team, DeGisi said it was an awesome feeling to have worked so hard and to have achieved something great.

DeGisi attributes much of her success to the athletic department as well as her teammates and coaches.

“The whole athletic department was supportive and pushes you to get back on the horse and keep going. The whole team this past year was really close which helped to push me to where I finished this season,” DeGisi said.

During her four years as a member of the team, DeGisi found it difficult at times to balance schoolwork while being an athlete but received much support from the entire athletic staff.

Similar to DeGisi, Williams received a great amount of support and encouragement from Cabrini during her time as an athlete.

Williams, a member of the women’s volleyball team, excelled both as an athlete and as a student during her time at Cabrini. Williams was excited and honored to be named to the team.

“It was really exciting. It is definitely an honor. I was glad I was able to balance athletics and academics,” Williams said.

Thanks to tireless support from many people, Williams was able to be a successful athlete and student at the same time.

“The support systems that Cabrini has in place help you with whatever you need. Even your teammates help you out by picking you up and encouraging you to do your best. We never let anyone slack off because everyone knows the importance of getting a victory,” Williams said.

It was difficult at times for Williams to balance practice and studying especially when all she wanted to do was rest, although she feels that the payoff was worth it.

“I feel grateful to have the experience to meet and play with so many amazing girls,” Williams said.

The third Cavalier to be named to the team was Johnson, goalkeeper for the men’s soccer team.

Like DeGisi and Williams, Johnson is being honored for his ability to maintain his grades while being an athlete at the same time.

Aside from being named to the Academic team three years running, Johnson played a crucial role in the success of the men’s soccer team over the past few seasons.

In 2009, Johnson posted seven shutout games for the team, as well as helping the team reach the CSAC title and an appearance in the NCAA tournament this past fall.

In order for athletes to be named to the team, they must be voted on by sports information offices from various colleges and universities across the area.

Meghan McSloy

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