Cabrini Alumni Working 9 to 5

By Karen Schweizer
March 21, 2002

There are many familiar faces to be found in Grace Hall. Smiling professors trod through the halls laden with heavy books. Students giggle as they pass the job boards. Still others stroll by with confident gaits, their soles squeaking on the glossy tile. There are people who look young in the offices. Did they graduate with your sister?

Maybe they did. Alumni are abundant on campus and they are making Cabrini not only their Alma mater, but also their job site. Having both the experience of being a student and of being on the payroll, alumni have a unique perspective to share.

“I have never have had the urge to throw anything at the school,” said Vicki Maumus laughing.

As the admissions associate director and psychology major, Maumus says that she is constantly juggling her time. Not only has she achieved her bachelors in psychology at Cabrini. But she is now working towards her master’s degree, in the hopes that she may teach someday.

As part of her perspective of the school, Maumus said that she is looking forward to the schools growth in the future, especially because of the new dorm. The school’s resident to commuter ratio is now 65 to 35%.

Another alumni, Ryan Greer agrees with the enthusiasm of gaining new students. Greer works as an admission counselor alongside Maumus and is a graduate of 2001. He is also the assistant men’s lacrosse coach.

“The new programs on campus are very exciting,” said Greer. “Especially the developing majors that are now starting up. New space and new buildings are on their way, to house lab equipment and developing programs.”

Greer feels as an alumni working in the admissions office, he is looking out for the well being of the students. He also underlined the importance for the students knowing the resources that are available to them on campus, such as tutoring services.

“I am now really realizing the amount of resources and services this school has,” said Greer.

Alumni and students may both continue to be amazed because Cabrini has set out to further expand on the schools services. Alumni Chad May was instrumental, as an involved student, in interviewing and find out what resources the college would need to augment the education. According to May, who now works as the college’s records and data coordinator, his job for Cabrini is what he wants to do in the job market. He currently creates data analysis and is in the process of creating the schools fact book.

“The education that I received here has really prepared me for what I want to do,” said May. He also stated that it was difficult deciding to work at the school he graduated from.

“After attending a place for four years you tend to get secure. It was a tough decision.” “Working here is a career move,” said May.

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Karen Schweizer

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