Cabrini Women’s lacrosse team looks to remain undefeated against TCNJ

By Evan Lynn
March 11, 2020

3/17 Editor’s Note: Due to the COVID-19 virus, all athletic games have been canceled for the remainder of the season. 

The Cabrini women’s lacrosse team looks to continue their momentum when they face the College Of New Jersey Tuesday, March 10th at 6 p.m at the Edith Robb Dixon Field. After starting the season with back-to-back wins against Albright College and Ursinus College, Cabrini looks to beat a team that has had their number in all eight prior meetings.

Head Coach Jackie Neary in Dixon. Photo by Evan Lynn

In order to beat them, head coach Jackie Neary says defense and winning draws will be the key to success. “I think defensively if we can hold them to a certain amount of goals, we will be in good shape,” Neary said.

Neary is also excited about what Julie Cross, the new assistant coach, will bring to the team. “My new assistant coach is very good at winning the draws, and if we can win more draws than they do, that will give us the ball more,” Neary said.

The one concern Neary points to is the amount of depth TCNJ’s bench offers, which is far bigger than Cabrini’s. “They are a very big squad, so they are able to make a number of changes where our squad is not as big,” Neary said.

The players are excited to show how this year’s team is different than teams in recent years. Junior midfielder, Ashley Tutzauer, said communication is key to winning. “Communicating during the game and throughout the season is a good way to jump on them.”

Tutzauer thinks confidence has been the reason why previous teams have been unsuccessful but credits the goaltending for keeping them in games.

Midfielder Taylor Dimmerling in Dixon.

Junior midfielder, Taylor Dimmerling, said communication is the best way to beat their opponent.

“I think since the beginning of the season, our communication needs to improve, but that will happen with the weeks to come,” Dimmerling said. “The key to getting and protecting a lead is playing keep away and time of procession.”

Dimmerling feels like one of the most important aspects of the game is discipline on both ends of the field.

“I think we have to take care of the offensive end, and caused turnovers on the defensive end,” Dimmerling said. “We have to commit less fouls against them, and create chaos on the defensive end.”

Freshman goalkeeper, Jessica Whalen, said she had high expectations for the team as the season progresses and is confident with the team in front of her with both new and veteran players her first year wearing a Cavalier uniform.

“We have a lot of new freshmen who are really stepping up and filling defensive roles,” Whalen said. She is hoping with the team’s progression on a week-to-week basis, the team can put their losing streak against TCNJ behind them by playing disciplined lacrosse from start to end.

“We don’t lose our cool,” Whalen said. “She [Coach Neary] teaches us to play our game of lacrosse, but the game is going to be good, fair lacrosse.” Whalen also hopes whatever the reason is for Cabrini’s struggles against them, it comes to an end Tuesday night as woman’s lacrosse team looks to remain undefeated.

Evan Lynn

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