Cabrini welcomes alumni cheer coaches

By Isaiah Dickson
November 4, 2021

Photo of Kelly Bush and Olivia Finkey from Cabrinicavscheer Instagram

Not one, but two new coaches have stepped up to the plate to lead Cabrini’s cheer team. After the former head coach, Gabby Tinoco, moved on Kelly Bush and Olivia Finkey took on the responsibility.

“It was inclusive and it felt like a family,” Bush said. She could recall that feeling she had during her time as cheer captain under her coach. The experience as cheer captain was heartwarming for her. Her only hope is that she could help make the experience good for her fellow cheer members. Now as the coach that feeling is something she is determined to keep thriving with her and Finkey in charge.

Cabrini’s current cheer captain, Lexi Capria, reached out to Bush and Finkey about taking over as coaches when the former coach left. They were excited about the opportunity.

“I always loved cheer and I always wanted to go back and coach,” Bush said.

It was no coincidence that Capria reached out to the two of them. She saw their values as coaches and recognized how organized the two of them are. The two are always communicating with Capria about practice schedules, they let her know ahead of time about the plans for each practice and each day they have a set schedule of what needs to be accomplished and trust that their captain can help get it done. 

Whether they start practice with stretching or cardio, the duo expects their team to enjoy the experience. That’s one of the standards they’ve set for the team.

“I want them to come every day expecting everyone to be in a positive mood and to be comfortable,” Bush said.

Capria also saw how determined the two of them are and how helpful they are in teaching and bringing new ideas.

“I would say that their style is different from our old coach more because there are now two of them,” Capria said. “And with having two they both can bring different ideas to the table for the team.” 

Photo of Kelly Bush and Olivia Finkey from Cabrinicavscheer Instagram

The combo of coaches do not shy away from new ideas. While the cheer team’s main events include basketball games and Halloween Havoc, they are open to adding other events such as cheer competitions or cheering at Phillies games as they have in the past.

This year the cheer team accepted more people to the team than usual. For each individual Bush and Finkey push them to have confidence in themselves. The expectation isn’t that they are the best cheerleaders that they can be, but that they are the best versions of themselves that they can be.

“I want them to be confident and to be the best that they can be,” Bush said.

That encouragement and interaction are spread around the team on a daily basis. 

“They have helped me simply just from being super encouraging and supportive of taking this huge role of head captain. They always know what to say and keep me going,” Capria said. 

Cabrini’s cheer team has been a group filled with peace and positivity under their former coach. Bush and Finkey hope to keep that legacy alive and to guide each person on their team to grow as cheerleaders and individuals. 

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