2023 intramurals wrap-up

By Jake Cavanaugh
May 9, 2023

Players in action during the 2018 intramural basketball league. Photo from Cabrinirec.
Players in action during the 2018 intramural basketball league. Photo from Cabrinirec.

Cabrini University offered multiple intramural sports leagues to its students for the 2023 spring semester. These leagues included basketball and volleyball.

The basketball league gathered five teams in total with roster numbers for these ranging from one team having as few as five players to another with as many as nine.

The volleyball league corralled enough players for two separate teams, each with seven players. The last time Cabrini offered volleyball to its students was in the spring 2019 semester.

Kyle Tucker, assistant coach and head of the intramural, said, “My predecessor told me there was not enough student participation before. Thankfully more support and attendance which was phenomenal.”

For the love of the game

The basketball league started on March 8, with registration ending March 13. The volleyball league started on March 6 with registration closing on the same day. Both of these intramural leagues ended on April 17.

Hunter Waldron, sophomore and ref for the intramural basketball league, said, “The energy was super high throughout all the games. Everyone wanted to win and it would get super competitive, could get a little intense at times, but always fun in the end.”

The basketball league held a total of 20 games. The Nets came in first with a record of 4-0, the Kitchen was second with a record of 3-1, Sonics were third with a 2-2 record, the Ball Handlers were fourth with a record of 1-3, and Green Beanz landed the fifth spot with a record of 0-4.

Freshman Quinn Carson participated in the league and said, “It was fun to get a chance to play in some type of organized basketball. Anytime you get to play pick-up is fun, but getting 5-v-5 is hard, especially with refs.”

The volleyball league held a total of four games. The first place team was the Ball Tappers with a 2-0 record, and the second place team, Niagara Balls, had a record of 0-2.

Leagues add to campus life

“We would get some crowds there showing up for their friends, but usually small numbers,” said Carson.

“Having 100 plus students participate adds a great student experience that was currently missed. Overall, we received a ton of positive feedback,” Tucker said.

Cabrini intramural basketball league 2018 Photo from Cabrinirec.

Cabrini has offered intramural sports to their students for years and offers around one to two leagues per semester.

“As someone who lives on campus, the addition of this league has really helped with on-campus living. For me, even to work it made it a lot more fun to be on campus,” Waldron said.

Upcoming intramural events

“I think another league or event that can be added is a kickball league. It’s a game that can be fun for everyone and has been a favorite for everyone growing up,” Waldron said.

On IMLeagues.com, the website Cabrini uses for their intramural sports leagues and tournaments, there are a couple of leagues that could be offered to students in the fall of 2023.

“Going to do football and basketball in the fall. Maybe something else with else contact like corn hole, still trying to figure it out,” Tucker said.

One of these events is a Main Line lacrosse tournament, the other event is a student government basketball tournament.

“I think they offer the most popular intramural leagues, with basketball and flag football. Other sports I think would be cool to include are floor hockey or a slow pitch type of softball league,” Carson said.

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Jake Cavanaugh

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