Cabrini students review Harry Styles’ new music video ‘Falling’

By Gabrielle Cellucci
March 11, 2020

Screenshot of Harry Styles in "Falling" music video on YouTube.
Screenshot of Harry Styles in "Falling" music video on YouTube.

Harry Styles’ new music video for his song “Falling” will submerge you in emotion like Styles was submerged in water. 

The video begins with Styles being covered in water, while sitting on the floor and leaning against a wall. He is trying to catch his breath when the music begins. The scene then cuts to Styles, completely dry, as he plays the piano. With a melancholy expression on his face, Styles sings about lost love and reflecting on the regrets of what he did wrong in the relationship. 

As he continues to sing, the piano slowly starts to fill with water. Eventually, the water overflows and slowly begins to fill the whole room with water. Styles continues to sing and play the piano while submerged underwater. He floats in the water and lets go of everything. The music video ends with style giving a small sob while still being underwater. 

According to,Styles has explained that the song came from a place of ‘falling back’ into a negative mindset about himself.” Styles went into depth about the meaning behind the lyrics for the song “Falling.” He had said that the chorus refers to how he was turning into a person he didn’t want to be and wanted to avoid becoming that person. 

Though students here at Cabrini University thought the song itself was emotional, many were confused by the meaning of the video. 

“I was really confused why he submerged himself in water,” Lexi Gramlick, sophomore criminology major, said in regards to her initial reaction after watching the “Falling” music video. “I thought it was creative and something different, but I didn’t really understand how it went with the song.” 

Other students had less stellar reviews after watching Style’s latest music video. 

“[It’s] very repetitive [and a] piano would not work underwater,” Leon John Crawford, freshman chemistry major, said. 

Other students felt as though they could relate to how Styles feels in the music video. 

Screenshot of scene from Harry Styles’ music video “Falling” on YouTube.

“It’s very deep and into his emotions,” Hawirk Munoz, sophomore international business and political science major, said. “That’s how you feel sometimes like you’re underwater with so [much] stuff and you just don’t know how to control yourself when it comes to so much pressure and expectations from other people.”

Many students on campus had their own interpretation of what the meaning behind the water-filled video was about. 

“[Harry Styles] being submerged in water is like he’s trapped because the song is called ‘Falling’ and he can’t get out,” Gramlick said. 

Though students may have found the concept of the water confusing in the music video, many thought the room itself was very aesthetically pleasing. 

“The architect of the background…was very old-fashioned and nice looking,” Crawford said. 

Though students seemed disappointed about the lackluster of the story in Styles’ “Falling” music video compared to his previous music videos. 

“Compared to his other music videos, it was kind of just bleak,” Gramlick said. “It was different, but not as crazy as the other ones.” 

The 26-year-old British singer released the music video for “Falling” on Feb. 28 and has received over 14 million views on YouTube. It is the third song from his latest album “Fine Line” to have a music video. The previous two songs from Styles’ album to have been made into music videos were “Lights Up” and “Adore You.”

Screenshot from Spotify of “Fine Line” album cover.

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Gabrielle Cellucci

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