Cabrini students give their thoughts on Eagles season

By Mark Finley
October 11, 2021


After the 42-30 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles fell to 1-3 on the season. This is the Eagles third consecutive loss after starting the season 1-0.

It’ll be unchartered territory for the Eagles this season. It is Nick Sirianni first year as Eagles head coach and Quarterback Jalen Hurts as the starter. 

The expectations coming into the season with a first time head coach and first year starting quarterback were low. Many experts predicted the Eagles to finish last in their division.

Fans are heading in the first home game of the 2021 against the 49ers.
Photo by Matt Rutherford

The Eagles are coming off of a season where they went 4-11-1 and ended the season by firing Doug Pederson and trading quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts.

After finishing the season 4-11-1 the Eagles needed help. The Eagles drafted reigning Heisman trophy winner Devonta Smith with the 10th overall pick. Smith had 117 receptions, 1,856 receiving yards and 23 touchdowns which lead Smith to become the second ever wide receiver to win this award .

The Eagles are currently 1-3 which is tied for last in the NFC East and a tough schedule coming up with the 3-1 Panthers and Raiders along with the defending Super Bowl champions Buccaneers. 

Many fans are not happy with the latest where the Eagles barely ran the ball including three times in the whole Cowboys game. There was a “Run the Ball” chant during the 42-30 loss to the Chiefs.

With the defense giving up back to back 40 point performance many fans are disappointed in new defensive coordinator, Jonathan Gannon. Gannon had the defense only give up 23 points in the first two games total but does not seem to be adjusting.

It would not be an Eagles season without injuries to key players. Eagles have lost both Brandon Graham and Issac Seumalo for the season while losing Brandon Brooks and K’Von Wallace to Injury Reserve.

With Cabrini being in the Philadelphia area many students at the University are fans of the Eagles.

This is the field before a Eagles preseason game earlier this year.
Photo by Matt Rutherford

“I think this team is very mediocre,” Michael Taylor, sophomore accounting major, said. “ I like Jalen Hurts, but I don’t know if he is the guy or not.”

Taylor is a casual football fan but loves watching the Eagles with his family. He doesn’t really follow the team but knows what’s going on within the game.

“I do not expect much from this team to be honest, I just hope they are more fun than last year’s team,” Taylor said. “Watching last year’s team was not fun at all and they were very bad and I think this team will be 5-12 to end the year .”

“They are a young team with rookie coaches and it’s a learning season for the group and for the season,” Zach Anglestein, junior communication major, said.

Anglestein mentioned in the interview that he is not a fan of the Eagles but a fan of the NFL and certain players.

 “I do not believe they will make the playoffs because their offense and defense isn’t there as they are tied for last in the division,” Anglestein said. “I would say they will finish 6-11 as for the next season they have possibly three picks and that will help them for next season.”

“I thought the Eagles were going to stink but the first game changed my mind,” Isaiah Williams, junior business major, said. “These last few games have been bad but I think they will be alright.” 

Williams mentioned that he is a huge Packers and Aaron Rodgers fan but does root for the Eagles when they are not playing the Packers.

No matter the Eagles record this year they will always have the support of Eagles nation.

Mark Finley

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