‘I will vote with my brain and not lady-parts’

By Ryan McLaughlin
October 31, 2012

The outcome of the 2012 presidential election will affect the people of America in an array of different ways. For Maria Monastra, a sophomore english major, concerns of a worsening job market are brought to attention when discussing if President Obama serves a second term in office.

“The deficit which has been accumulated during Obama’s first term is a whopping $4.9 trillion, or more than 100% of our nation’s GDP (total value of goods and services).” Monastra said.

As a college student one can understand the reality of student loans and how immensely they can affect the future of the students who took these large loans out.

“Common sense also tells us that four more years of the doubling gas prices we’ve seen throughout the Obama administration will proceed to make $4/gal rise to $8/gal at the pump. Do the math. Now when you graduate college, $80,000 or more deep in loans, you won’t even be able to fill your tank to go on the search for the job itself that does not exist,” Monastra said.

A college degree for most students is only the very beginning of a reality about hard-work paid off and even harder work to come. Understanding the heavy loans involved in earning one’s education, Monastra feels that gas prices shouldn’t have to be an additional factor on her minds.

Monastra being a very hard working and determined college student has concerns about the employment rate.

Maria Monastra
(Submitted photo / Maria Monastra)

” Let us not forget that unemployment has continued to stay above eight percent for the past four years,” Monastra said. “People all over the nation are giving up, feeling as though their educations are undervalued and accepting part-time work with previous years experience with full-time employers.”

Working so hard, coming into a virtually nonexistent job market is not much of a favorable possibility for Monastra and virtually every other college student in America.

Monastra’s final remarks?

“I understand that I will no longer wait tables and earn $2.83/hr if I take my studies seriously, play fair and accept the responsibilities that come with privileges. As a young female, I am proud to admit that I will vote with my brain and not lady-parts. Women deserve better than to be fooled and misinformed by the media day in and day out. We can [still] do it with a conservative, fiscally-minded leader in office.”

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Ryan McLaughlin

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