Cabrini orientation leaders; giving the freshman and transfers a warm welcome

By Skyler Kellers
May 26, 2022

Students pose for a picture outside during Orientation weekend. Photo from

Ah, orientation, new beginning, good vibrations. For those who are new to the campus or simply do not know what the orientation program is, orientation is a program that is the beginning of the accepted students’ freshman year or transfers. Typically, there are many activities including a carnival, tours and games before the first day of classes.

On May 5, Bridget O’Donnell, the director of Cabrini’s student engagement and leadership (SEaL), hosted an “OL Meet and Greet.” An OL is an orientation leader. The event included accepted OL’s meeting each other and doing icebreakers, as well as other team-building games to get to know one another. Following the event, a week before orientation weekend there will be training sessions on how to be a good leader and have a successful weekend. The many activities, tours and events included in the weekend are to still be announced.

Ashlee Hofner, senior criminology major and coordinator (which means she gets to interview potential leaders prior to the meet and greet), said that orientation leaders are student volunteers that guide their group of new students through orientation weekend.

“Throughout orientation weekend, the OL’s are to guide their group of students through the activities and seminars that are both fun and educational,” Hofner said. “Moreover, they are to create connections and hopefully friendships that can last after orientation weekend has concluded. Yet, it is not only the OL’s that make the program successful, but also the professional staff, orientation coordinators and the lead orientation leaders.”

The professional staff include O’Donnell, assistant director, Raina Johnson, and the graduate assistant, Francesca Maslin.

First year students stand in front Founder’s Hall. Photo from

Senior chemistry major, Leon Crawford is an OC (orientation coordinator) for the program.

“The role of an orientation leader is to be the face of the Cabrini community when new students first come to move in. They are the first set of smiling faces and friendly greetings to these students who may have come from far and wide to come to Cabrini,” Crawford said. “They are the main driving force that allows orientation to be the amazing event it is; without them orientation wouldn’t be orientation. The OL’s are some of the first upper classmen the new students meet and are responsible for giving a good impression and to show them what the Cabrini community is all about.”

The orientation leaders and their program have a lot of community, respect and love in them. There is a lot that goes into the program and it does not just happen overnight.

Part of what Cabrini’s values is the education of heart like Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini did. The mission and values are also respect, community and education.

Last year, the program did a flash mob and also produced a Cabrini fight song written by graduate student Francesca Masclin.

Orientation weekend this year is from August 26 to August 28. Stay tuned here to updates and the details on orientation weekend and the awesome events that will take place!

Email Bridget O’ Donnell if interested in being a part of the orientation program this year.

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Skyler Kellers

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