College welcomes new campus minister

By Robert Riches
September 28, 2011

This summer, Cabrini College introduced Stephanie Salinas as its new campus minister.  Eager to be a member of the Cabrini community, Salinas came here after working as a full-time volunteer with the MercyWorks program in Chicago, Ill.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa., Salinas graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in counseling and human services. She then took her talents to Chicago and the MercyWorks program, volunteering for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, which strives to provide support for children in dire need.  Salinas also lived in a community with 14 other volunteers who were also college graduates.

“Our living community focused on different program values,” Salinas said. “We focused on spirituality, simple living, social justice, professional development and community.” Salinas’ focus on community and social justice is just an additional reason as to why she’s a good fit for the Cabrini community.

Salinas is also very eager for the opportunity to be working here at Cabrini. She is excited for the chance to wake up and come to Cabrini every morning. She also likes to be working with Cabrini’s students, faculty and staff on a daily basis.

“The students and faculty here are very welcoming,” Salinas said. “Everyone tries to help me out, and I like to collaborate with them.”

In addition to Salinas being enthusiastic about working with the Cabrini community, other members of the community are thrilled to be working with her as well. One such individual is Father Carl F. Janicki, director of Campus Ministry.

“I like her spiritual energy, and her ability to connect with different people,” Janicki said. “She’s talented, positive, [has] high spiritual energy and brings a great variety of background experiences with her.”

One of Salinas’ responsibilities includes helping with the various programs that Campus Ministry has to offer, such as helping with the Adventure retreat, which is coming up on Saturday, Oct. 8, and the Search retreat, which is to be held in February She will also be helping with the winter and spring break trips, including the immersion trip to Ecuador, the New York trip to walk in Mother Cabrini’s footsteps, the Appalachia trip in West Virginia, and the Gallup trip to New Mexico.

Salinas also oversees the three peer ministers, who typically “take the lead” with some of the Campus Ministry programs. She will also organize reflections for members of the Cabrini community during the Lent and Advent seasons.

Salinas would also like to see spiritual development within the Cabrini community. While she does believe that “Catholicism is important at Cabrini,” she is also willing to see spiritual development from all sorts of backgrounds. Her experience with different backgrounds during her tenure as a MercyWorks volunteer is a perfect asset for her new position.

While the new position for Salinas may be demanding and a lot of hard work, she still embraces the opportunity, and looks forward to the challenge.

“I’m very excited for the chance to wake up and come to Cabrini every morning,” Salinas said.


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Robert Riches

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