Cabrini does not have a school nurse

By Victoria Giordano
September 21, 2021

Photo Displayed on Cabrini’s Nursing Program Website


Things seem to be going back to normal on Cabrini’s campus but what faculty members and students don’t know is the absence of Cabrini’s school nurse. Those who do know are unaware of why there is no nurse on campus. It may be because COVID cases are rising or hospitals are searching for more nurses. Still, no one is willing to talk openly about it, not even Cabrini’s nursing department members. 

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic began over a year and a half ago, hospitals and other health facilities have been incredibly busy taking care of patients exposed to or infected by COVID-19. Now that scientists have released multiple vaccines for the virus, many have mixed feelings about whether these treatments will settle the outbreak. Many people have also lost their jobs, insurance and homes within the past eighteen months, leaving them concerned for their and others’ overall health and safety. 

“I don’t know why we don’t have a school nurse,” senior field hockey player and biology major, Lily Bonner said as she expressed her concern for Cabrini’s health and safety. “I am not sure if we are going to get another one. It’s unfortunate for those who cannot afford health care.”

“I’m assuming it’s all because of COVID cases,” sophomore nursing major, Cailyn Bennet said. “Since I’m a nursing major, I know my professors are nurses. Everyone is in the hospital.” 

Here’s what Stephen Rupprecht, Cabrini’s dean of students, said, “The future for

Stephen Rupprecht, dean of students. Photo by Instagram.

Cabrini’s community health is strong. We have a state-of-the-art facility and a whole team of medical professionals available to our students at Penn Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine, in addition to multiple other medical facilities within a few miles of campus.”

Cabrini has been doing a great job of controlling COVID cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Now that campus does not have a school nurse; many are concerned about the safety of Cabrini’s students and faculty members. What if campus has to close due to an outbreak of COVID or another illness? What should we do to prevent severe health conditions? Are we in the process of hiring a new school nurse? 

“I would say continue quarantining, seek medical attention at the nearest hospital,” Bonner said, “To prevent serious health conditions, we need to be on top of our well-being and to communicate if and when we are starting to feel sick to keep everyone else aware.” 

“Everyone in our community has a role in maintaining their health – it starts here,” Rupprecht said, “Exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, and enjoying the outdoors are all beneficial ways to improve and protect one’s health. Everyone should also pay close attention to sudden onset symptoms like we have been doing for COVID-19. Our infection rate has remained low because of the responsible and diligent efforts of those in our community who are appropriately communicating when their health needs attention.” 

“I’m very accident-prone,” Bennet said. “If I get hurt, the one thing I can think of doing is going to my professors who are nurses or go to the hospital. I hope that we can find a way to hire another nurse. If so, they won’t be overwhelmed by responsibilities. Responsibility does fall on the health director.” 

Currently, Cabrini’s campus community is healthy and safe. That doesn’t mean we all must continue to play a part in protecting and taking care of ourselves and to prevent COVID from continuously rising. If you have a medical or COVID-related emergency, please call 911 or Public Safety at 610-902-8111.


Photo Displayed on Cabrini’s Nursing Department Website

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Victoria Giordano

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