Cabrini College: Endless Possibilites

By Lia Ferrante
April 9, 2012

Do something extraordinary. That is exactly what Cabrini College has to offer. They have endless possibilities for any major for any students of any age. It is a close-knit community where everyone is nice to everyone and there is always a smiling face to brighten someone’s day. The constant laughter and talking through out a school day makes a positive energy for students to enjoy. I am currently a sophomore at Cabrini and learned so much in only being here for two years.

Being a Communication major is why I love Cabrini so much. It still amazes me how I can be involved in the radio station, the news show and the newspaper through out my four years. The sky is the limit at this college. The professors are constantly chatting with the students and always available to meet outside of class with any questions or concerns. There is always a friendly face whenever you walk through to your classroom. The teachers have so much knowledge to give.

With Cabrini being so small, it allows the students to get to know everyone. The community at this institution is warm and outgoing. Whenever you are having trouble with something and if you ask for assistance, there will always be someone to help you out. The school spirit at this school is also phenomenal. There are always constant fans going to the events on campus to cheer athletes on and wearing their blue and white.

The events are campuses are always a great way to meet people. Our activity board allows any of the students to go to free events on the weekends to win prizes or just enjoy themselves. The King of Prussia mall is right down the street and there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy right in Wayne, which is only a short, drive away. Our shuttle on campus is a great way for students to go outside of campus to get to the mall. Cabrini College is a great school to get your education from. It is enjoyable and the people here are great.

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Lia Ferrante

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