Cabrini alumnus sworn in as state representative

By Tyron Davis
February 4, 2015

Jamie Santora at his swearing in ceremony. (Submitted Photo)
Jamie Santora at his swearing in ceremony. (Submitted Photo)

A Cabrini alumnus was recently sworn in as a state representative for Pennsylvania. On Jan. 2o, Tom Wolf swore in Jamie Santora, class of ’94.

Serving the 163rd legislative district, Santora graduated from Cabrini with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and participated in planning activities as he was a part of the student government at the college.

Santora realized that he wanted to focus on politics in the early ’90s and doing so by becoming involved with the student government here at Cabrini College.

According to Santora, his first priority while in office is to work on reforming property tax.

He says that he is very grateful for his supporters, family and friends that joined him in Harrisburg for the inauguration. He strives to make Pa. a better state to live in for all.

“My number one priority is property tax reform,” Santora said. “There’s a serious problem with the property tax reform. Taxes go up every year and it makes it difficult for families, so that is my number one priority.”

After Santora graduated from Cabrini, he registered for the State Real Estate Commission to become involved in helping make a difference for the state of Pennsylvania.

“I have Cabrini to thank,” Santora said. “They’ve impacted my career a great deal. When I lost both of my parents in college, the size of the school and the people there were able to help me get through that hard time and encourage me to keep pushing.”

Jennifer Naddeo, who has been friends with Santora for over 24 years, says that she remembers Santora having this dream since he was in college. Naddeo and Santora were both in student government together.

“Jamie has always had goals. It was college though, you know when you’re in college everyone has dreams that they say they have,” Naddeo said. “You just brush it off and you don’t really think about it. He really has some terrific ideas about what he wants to do for the state. He’s done everything that he’s wanted to do and I’m very proud of him.”

Santora also believes in helping children, youth and education. He believes that they are our future and if we want to create a better future for our children and grandchildren, then it starts in early childhood education.

“If being a politician is something that you want to do [then] get involved early,” Santora said. “The government is always looking for young politicians to make our country better–the sooner the better.”

Tyron Davis

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