Cabrini hoops alum return to hardwood

By Paul Skow
February 16, 2010

Many of Cabrini’s best alumni basketball players came back out on the Cavalier floor on Saturday for the Annual Cabrini men’s and Cabrini women’s alumni basketball games.

The women’s Alumni played their game first at 11 a.m. followed by the men’s alumni game at 6 p.m on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Both games played were spirited, fast paced and full of twists. Both the men’s and women’s alumni were split into two teams to face each other.

The teams consisted of a grey team and a blue team. The grey team featured some of Cabrini’s older players, whereas the blue team featured some even more familiar faces of recently graduated athletes.

Although there was a range of alumni present at both games, a majority of the players were graduates of the class of 2009.

Both of these alumni games were a great opportunity for alumni to catch up with one another.

Although competition was definitely present during both of these games, the spirit of reconnecting with each other over shadowed this.

“It felt good to be back. It was a pleasure to go out there and compete. It only happens once a year and it’s good to see my family again,” Randy Reid, class of ’08, said.

Reid took the game as an opportunity to “have fun, but be competitive,” as it was also clear that all the athletes of Cavaliers past played hard and enjoyed themselves out on the court.

Reid said, “It only happens once a year and it’s good to see my family again.”

Between both alumni games, both the men’s and women’s alumni were invited to enjoy a reception in the Dixon Center Board Room in order to get reacquainted with fellow alumni.

After both alumni games, all alumni were invited to an after-party at J.D. McGillicuddies in Ardmore, Pa.

“It always feels great to be back,” Billy Carr, class of ’96, said.

Paul Skow

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