Burr.it’s going to be cold out there

By Lauren Sharkey
November 18, 2005

Break out the coats and mittens, for a cold winter is on its way for the Eastern United States. Forecasters say that the beginning of 2006 will be filled with nothing but cold temperatures and snow.

What is the cause for this teeth-chattering weather? Many meteorologists believe it is due to the active hurricane season we have been experiencing as of late. Winters that follow extreme hurricane seasons tend to bring cold temperatures and snowy days. Temperatures are predicted to be at least 3.5 degrees colder than average. However, New England will be afflicted with much of the cold, ice and snow.

Average snowfall is predicted to reach at least 34.5 inches ranging from December through February. The predictions for Pennsylvania and based on past averages for Pittsburgh.

But what do students think about this cold weather, and how are Cabrinians preparing themselves? Lauren Schreiber (’08), secondary education English major, said, “I dislike the cold weather, I prefer it to be warm. But since it is getting colder I’ve brought a bunch of sweaters back to school and bought a new winter jacket.” Maeghan Chunglo (’08), graphic design major, comments just the opposite, “I don’t mind the cold weather, I grew up in New England so I’m used to it. I’m wearing warmer clothes though.”

Erin Lagarenne (’08), communications major expressed her disdain for harsh temperatures, “To be perfectly honest with you, I hate the cold weather. I’m a beach person and the cold just doesn’t do it for me. Although I admit that I don’t mind wrapping myself in a bunch of covers and drinking hot cocoa. As for preparing, I just brought down a bunch of warm clothes from home and I’m thinking about buying an electric blanket.”

Howard Holden, Directior of Facilities at Cabrini College said that CAbrini will also be taking precautions against the cold weather. The heaters in all of the buildings on campus are turned on as early as October, some even before that time. Also, Facilities advises both students and faculty to listen to the radio for their broadcasted delays. “You always have to be ahead of the storn before it gets ahead of you”, Holden said.

So, even though Pennsylvania may be in for a cold winter, things will still be kept under control at Cabrini.

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Lauren Sharkey

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