Burled in the back pages

By Jennifer Dalvano
October 25, 2001

Watch where you’re touching

The Utah state Supreme Court overturned a Court of Appeals ruling that said a 15-yr-old boy was properly convicted when he lewdly grabbed his (clothed) crotch and gestured to a woman in a convenience store parking lot. The lower court had found it not so offensive and said; besides, it might be an “expressive symbolic speech.” One high court dissenter said he had a solution to the whole dilemma: send the case back to trial for a clarification on whether the kid’s action amounted to illegal “public masturbation.”

Fun, fun, fun ’til Daddy took the buggy away

In Middlefield Village, PA, an Amish teen got sloshed and took the family buggy out for a spin. By the time police caught up with him, the carriage was careening all over creation, and the kid was passed out in the driver’s seat. Police said sirens, flashing lights, and pounding on the buggy all failed to rouse the boozed-up brother. A 21-year-old Amish backslider who bought beer for the youth faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Where’s the super glue?

Recep Yavrucu, a Turkish bus driver, refused hospital treatment after having his ear cut off by thieves. Four youths attacked him on his on his bus run, cutting his ear off, and stealing money and his mobile telephone. The injured man helped police with their inquiries of the four thieves, but refused their offer to take him to the hospital. “I’ve never been to a doctor, and I’m not likely to start now,” Yavrucu said. “I have this fear of doctors and I’ve always treated my own wounds. Having a piece of my ear cut off was not that serious and I fixed it myself with some super glue.”

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Jennifer Dalvano

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