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By Staff Writer
November 29, 2001

The power of love

Who said that language is a barrier? Mattie Charlene Dyer, 70 and Yang Yunkun, 71, who married in July can communicate perfectly fine without speaking. The bride is an American-born teacher who speaks only English, and the groom is a retired pipefitter who spent his entire life in China and speaks only Chinese. Dyer says the marriage is “hard to explain,” but there is “an electricity and a magnetism between us.”

As slow as possible

In Halberstadt, Germany, an organist kicked off a performance of the deceased radical composer John Cage’s “Organ 2 as slow as possible.” The piece was originally written 20 minutes, but because of the organist’s imagination and technology, it will be performed over a period lasting 639 years. The first six months will be dedicated to creating an organ’s first note. The purpose of the organist’s performance is to contrast the piece with the frenzied pace of modern society.

Real-life cookie monster

A mother black bear and her two cubs committed a crime. They broke into a car in Casper, Wyoming and stole a bag of chocolate chip cookies. “She apparently got into the lady’s car and broke the back window and stole some cookies,” explained Mike Choma, the Casper game warden. A set of paw prints in the snow gave the culprits away.

Toilet talk

The toilet will be the lone topic at an international summit in Singapore. Around 200 delegates from Finland, Britain, the United States, India, Japan and Taiwan will discuss design, ventilation, sanitation, incontinence and the future of a device that is still considered a luxury in many parts of the world. One of the highlights of the convention will be the mime performance depicting desirable and undesirable toilet behavior. “We do have quite a few delegates from China,” a spokeswoman for the organizer said. “They would like to check how best to build their toilets for the Olympics.”

Cookie Monster tosses his cookies

Who knew that someone could bring themselves to beat up a loveable Sesame Street character. According to accounts, Lee P. McPhatter became very upset with Cookie Monster when the muppet refused to take a picture with his daughter. After giving the monster a strong push that sent the fuzzy creature to the ground, McPhatter gave him a few kicks to the head. Police soon arrived to escort the lunatic from the building. As the man was being dragged into a police car he allegedly yelled, “I want you Big Bird, quit hiding behind Cookie Monster.” He has been charged with reckless abuse of a Muppet.

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Staff Writer

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