Buried in the back pages

By Geri Lynn Utter
March 21, 2002

Spending five years in the
“play pen”

Robert Alan Woods from Virgina is faced with up to years in prison for breaking and entering into his next store neighbor’s house wearing a diaper and a bib. Woods says he gets sexual arousement out of dressing and acting like a baby.
Woods openly admits to breaking into his neighbor’s home and waiting for her arrival with a tin of baby food.
According to authorities, Woods has learning difficulties and already has two pending parole hearings for committing the same kind of crime.

Man robs a bank for his own money..huh

In Argentina, a man was arrested for robbing a bank with a hand-grenade, in order to withdraw a large some of money from his own account.
Due to the economic crisis Argentina is currently facing, people can only withdraw small amounts of money at one time.
Shortly after robbing the bank, the man was arrested and will most likely face charges of extortion and possession of military equipment.
Woman hires a taxi to drive her from Florida to Alaska

Two taxi drivers from the Gator City taxi company were finally off duty, after attempting to drive a woman from Florida to Alaska. The two taxi drivers, Joe Gattuso and Safder Hussain, finally gave up their endless journey in Santa Barbara, California.
“We hardly got any sleep,’ said Gattuso. The two men took turns driving eight-hour shifts.
Even though Gattuso and Hussain threw in the towel in Santa Barbara, the Orange County Cab Co. decided to make the Florida woman’s dream come true and take her the rest of the way.

“I think I will name him, PlayStation2”

Video game fanatic, Dan Holmes changed his name by deed poll to PlayStation2.
The 29-year old bachelor spends four hours every day playing video games on his PlayStation2.
Holmes has $7 thousand worth of PlayStation2 games. “This shows enormous loyalty,” said PlayStation2 manufacturers Sony.

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Geri Lynn Utter

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