Buried in the Backpages

By Staff Writer
March 14, 2002

Give me your

wallet.and your pants

“Give me your wallet, you old white-haired mother—,” Oscar Reynolds yelled as stuck his head under an occupied bathroom stall in an East Memphis office building. When John Brady, 55, refused, Reynolds reportedly slid out, banged on the door, then reappeared under the door and grabbed Brady’s ankles. Reynolds managed to rip off the left trouser leg of Brady’s khakis, making off with the pant leg and wallet. Reynolds ran out of the building, into the parking lot followed by Brady who identified the toilet mugger to a police officer standing nearby.

Got a quarter?

Herbert Raysin of Broward County, Fla. has been charged with grand theft for allegedly sawing off and stealing 144 parking meters in four cities since November. Using a pipe cutter to remove the meters from their poles, Raysin committed the thefts at night. The money from the meters has still not been recovered.

Castration of the

artistic kind

Arguing his actions as being patriotic, Bob Rowan of Boulder, Colo. removed 21 ceramic penises from the Boulder Public Library’s art museum in November. Dressed in a shirts that said “Love Our Flag or Leave Our Country,” Rowan said he took the art because it was obscene and inappropriate for visitors, especially children. He now faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Caller ID: new police tactic

Michael LaRock, 22, had been arrested in Georgia on burglary charges, later indicted for stealing from a motel in Essex County, N.Y. and fled the area shortly after. On Jan. 22, LaRock called the Ticonderoga police boasting that they would never be able to call him and ordered that his family be left alone. With knowledge of how police track numbers, LaRock would end his calls within three minutes. However, using caller ID, the police tracked LaRock to an Auburn, Ga. address and immediately contacted Auburn police. When LaRock called back to continue mocking, Auburn police rang his doorbell and arrested LaRock when he answered the door.

All retrieved from courttv.aol.com

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Staff Writer

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