Buried in the Backpages

By Staff Writer
February 21, 2002

A Berlin man who laughed too much and too loudly was evicted from his home after the neighbors complained, a newspaper reported. Juergen Oslchewski, 59, was forced to leave his home because he “violated the rules” by laughing too loudly. Officials said there were too many complaints from neighbors.

A Texas jury found a man guilty of aggravated assault for shooting his girlfriend, because he thought she was about to say the words “New Jersey”. His attorney unsuccessfully fought to free this man on the grounds that certain words set off an uncontrollable rage in him, combined with his history of mental illness. Other words that can bring out the same rage in this individual are “Wisconsin,” “Snickers,” and “Mars”.

Eleven American couples exchanged vows on Valentine’s Day in Jamaica in a mass nude wedding. It is the second year in a row the Hedonism III resort staged a nude wedding. Unlike during the previous years event, when there were many protests, there was not even a whisper from Church leaders or members of religious groups. The event went very smoothly, said a hotel worker. Ten of the couples married were fully nude, with the males wearing just a simple bow tie. Only one couple decided to tie the knot wearing underwear.

That lipstick you’re dabbing on may have a bit more to it than meets the eye. A Norwegian biotech company said that it sees a booming business in providing cod sperm for use in cosmetics. But don’t worry if your loved one will think there is something fishy about your kisses. Supposedly the cosmetics smell nor taste of anything relating to the cod or its sperm.

Courtesy of Reuters.com (www.reuters.com)

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Staff Writer

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