Breaking up with my best friend

By Marissa Roberto
October 21, 2015

No one warned me about being ignored for no reason.

No one warned me about the whispers behind my back.

No one warned me about the hurtful words that were exchanged over text.

frienship word cloud copy
Graphic designed by Marissa Roberto

No one warned me about the subtweets on Twitter.

No one warned me about the tears that never seemed to stop.

No one warned me about true heartbreak.

I missed all the warning signs, all the red flags and writings on the wall.

No one warned me I would be losing a best friend.

Ending a long-term friendship with my best friend was one of the toughest experiences I have ever faced.

It is sad to admit that neither one of us actually said to each other, ‘we can no longer be friends,’ but it was implied in so many unpleasant ways.

All the good, fun-filled times seemed to have evaporated into thin air and were then replaced by the suffocation of ugly, heart-wrenching moments.

The days of talking about nothing and everything were gone. We just slowly drifted away from each other.

And I knew it was time to let go.

Things ended close to the finish line of my senior year. No words have been said since and I am okay with that.

I may have found comfort in too many Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream cups, thinking I am in the worst person in the world and that no one would ever like me for me, but soon after all those feelings started to get buried.

I somehow dug my way out of my lowest low with a little help from some special individuals who grabbed an arm and pulled.

There comes a time in a lot of relationships where we question if being around a certain person is worth it.

Friendship is such a value to life but there are times when bonds break and the feeling of being around each other is not the right decision anymore.

We throw ourselves into trying to save something that may be too far-gone of needing any saving.

If you realize there is someone toxic in your life, leave him or her. Do not look back on that decision.

Sometimes you need to know when a friendship is over or when to fight for it. Photo credit: Creative Commons

No one needs negativity in their lives.

It is bad enough we have the stress of school and financial situations on our hands. Who needs a person who could care less about your feeling in the long run?

It may hurt letting go of someone who has been there through everything but life goes on and there are better things to come in the future.

It has been a couple of years now and I do not think much about her.

It is always awkward when a family asks how they are and I have to explain there is no more friendship between us. Sometimes I come into contact with little things that trigger a memory, which gets my feels going.

But those feelings come and go very quickly.

Through social media outlets, I feel she has moved on and is pleased with how her life is going.

I have had friends come and go but I have found my Chandler, Monica and Ross (Joey and Rachel are still out there somewhere) to my Phoebe. I could not be happier with the life I am living now.

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Marissa Roberto

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