Bounce into 89.1 the Burn

By Staff Writer
October 16, 2003

Dave Erlich

“Bouncing of the Walls” by Sugarcult blares through the corridor of the second floor of Founder’s Hall. People are running in and out of the radio studio preparing to go live. The energy is high and spirits are soaring.

Cabrini College’s radio station, 89.1 WYBF The Burn, is on-air three days a week with a variety of shows for everyone’s tastes. With Villanova being in such close proximity, 89.1 is shared between the two colleges. But, according to Krista Mazzeo, the general manager and a 1998 graduate of Cabrini, there is rarely interference between the two schools.

Some college’s radio stations are meant for just fun. Cabrini, however, is meant for both work and play. Being apart of the radio station earns college credits. One receives; one credit for the training, one credit for participation and working, and two credits if one is involved with the executive staff. To be a part of the radio station and have your own show there is a one week training program. This is open to all students who are interested. As far as internships, Mazzeo said that she helps students get internships with her connections with commercial stations.

“Everyone is really upbeat. Especially the night shows. They are super energetic. Their friends’ call in and are instant messaging. It’s a morale booster,” Mazzeo said. Wayne MacDowell, who has his show “Local Show with Wayne,” said, “I love it. I never leave it. It gives me a reason to live. Never have I been so proud to be apart of something as I am with WYBF.” Not only do the show hosts have a good time but the guests do as well. Katy Kidell, a consistent guest on “The Random Show” with Dave Erlich and MacDowell, said, “It’s fun. I talk a lot so it works for me and I’m with my friends. I do it because it’s fun.” Bobby Maro, a DJ at the radio station, said, ” It’s great, there’s no format except for breaks. I get to play whatever I want.” The radio station also contributes to choosing a career. Maro said that he would like to be a disc jockey as a second job and maybe own a record label.

All the radio shows are unique in their own way. Ryan Norris and co-host Joe “Woodsy” Woods’ show “Late Night Testosterone,” is a show about guys saying guy things. They are all about fun. Everyone is happy and laughing.

With a giant wall of CDs, the hosts of the various shows prepare the nights’ play lists and start their journey into the rooms all around campus. Mazzeo said, “WYBF has something for everybody, a lot of diverse music. It’s definitely a fun part of going to Cabrini.”

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Staff Writer

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