Bottles harm environment

By Nikki Duggan
September 20, 2007

Megan Pellegrino

Every time you pick up a bottle of water to drink, you probably don’t realize you’re contributing to one of the 30 million bottles a day that has to be tossed out and then recycled.

This process of recycling all those glass and plastic bottles takes up tons of gallons of oil and gasoline to ship them to the recycling plants. Whether or not you realize it, this causes a lot of pollution to our environment.

I feel like everyone drinks bottled water. I bet more than half the students on our campus walk around every day with a bottle of water in their school bag. Go and walk around the city streets; people are always carrying them. It’s just the most convenient way to always have water with you.

I bet you didn’t know that just drinking from bottled water instead of tap water was part of such a controversy. I know I didn’t.

The only thing I thought I was doing was making in more convenient for myself to have something to drink easily and not have to find a sink every time I needed or wanted water. That would really get to be a pain in the neck after awhile.

As an athlete, I definitely find it easier to just go to the grocery store, pick up a case of water for about six or seven dollars and put it in my refrigerator. Then for practices and games, I just have to grab a bottle before I go and I am on my way.

Did you know that last year, almost two million tons of plastic was used to make bottles for water? This manufacturing of plastic uses a huge amount of petroleum which pollutes the air we breathe.

This makes me think, if everyone continues to drink from bottles more and more when they want water, we are just harming the environment even more. I know that when I’m running around on that soccer field, I don’t want the air I’m taking in to be polluted.

An average person could probably go through at least one or two bottles of water a day. That’s a lot of plastic to be shipped around if you think about how many bottles that one person will go through in an entire month.

Think about it. Is having that bottled water really that important? Try buying a Brita purifier to clean your tap water for you. I know a lot of people now tend to have one in the dorm rooms so they can just refill it.

You could be one of those people who will continue to drink bottled water just because it’s more convenient, like me.

To at least help a little, try cutting the amount of bottled water in half that you purchase and start refilling your old ones with tap. This will not only save you have the money you spend on bottled water each year, it will help keep the air you breathe everyday, a whole lot cleaner.

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Nikki Duggan

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