Bothersome bouncing dot, or not?

By Antonio Masone and Chris Jones
October 23, 2003

Angelina Wagner

Antonio Masone

I really don’t see what the big deal is, all females must use some form of “feminine product” (if you will), why not spice up the commercials with some dirty humor. A few of these new commercials are absolutely hysterical. From mistaking the new compact tampons with sugar packets or candy, companies have found a way to market a product with a serious job, by using a humorous cover.

I understand that men can especially get offended over the topic of feminine needs and/or feminine products, but shouldn’t this joking manner allow people to loosen up a bit rather than making this serious matter tough to deal with?

These days our generation has become a more free, open-minded society, much like that of our parent’s time. These ads were obviously made to make the serious subject lighter, yet for some reason, they have had the reverse effect on some people.

The first time I saw the ad for the new Tampax Pearl tampons, I was truly amused by the girl’s tactics of retrieving her tampon that she had just purposely placed on the window ledge to use right before the wind blew it away. The commercial was entertaining to say the least. I thought ‘wow, good girl,’ as she devised some MacGyver-type plan to retrieve the little thingy that had just fallen two stories into the bushes.

Even more amusing than the Tampax Pearl commercials, are the ones for the new compact tampons. I love the one that takes place in the classroom when the girl is caught passing a compact to a classmate. It is the typical high school situation where a student is caught passing something to a friend. The silly teacher thinks it’s candy-hysterical!

In another quite amusing compact tampon commercial, a man and woman are sitting at a table in a caf

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Antonio Masone and Chris Jones

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