Boredom strikes campus again

By Kristen Catalanotto
November 13, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

“I’m bored,” seems to be the popular phrase here at Cabrini on the weekends. I know that there are things to do around campus a majority of the time, so just get out and attend events.

The Campus Activities and Programming Board works hard all year round to make sure the student body has fun events to attend throughout the academic year. So far this year the group has organized a large amount of events ranging from pudding wrestling to mind reading. I know that I have gone to a number of the events and still continue to see them poorly attended. This saddens me, because I constantly hear people complaining how bored they are. Just get out of your rooms.

Another thing that concerns me is that those who do attend these events are usually the school “leaders” who are more than likely running or supporting someone running the event. I guarantee that if you go to one of these events, you will see the same faces, because these are the people who care.

I know everyone has busy schedules, but we all need downtime. Thousands of dollars are spent to get comedians, magicians and monkeys to entertain us, so seize the day and take advantage of the opportunity.

Another issue I would like to address is school participation in the Student Government Organization. SGA has 37 representatives who were elected to represent the entire student body. It works extremely hard to get your voice heard, but the majority of the time, it is brushed off.

When things are not getting done, many administrators look to SGA representatives for answers. These representatives are often left scrambling for answers because they get little feed-back from their peers.

It is extremely important that you let your representatives know what you want done. I co-chair the food committee for SGA and I find myself constantly running into a brick wall because people want to complain, but they don’t go through the proper channels to actually get anything done about the problem. The SGA office is located inside the Jazzman’s Caf

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Kristen Catalanotto

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