Boot Camp class at Dixon Center

By Gina Roswell
April 4, 2002

On Thursdays, for those who enjoy a good workout, a new fitness class has been added to the schedule in the Dixon Center called “Boot Camp.” Instructed by Tracy Greenwood, fitness director, this class is held from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Dixon Center aerobics room.

This 30-minute strength and agility training session for the upper and lower body consists of a fast-paced workout, using only one’s body weight. “Boot Camp” is intended to parallel a military boot camp, though it is, obviously, not as intense.

Those who participate do push ups, sit ups, relay races and lunges, among other types of exercises. “I love it!” Shayla Hasic-Stamps, Assistant Director of Residence Life, said.

Participants are not only getting a good workout, they have someone there to push them to do the work. Greenwood, herself, parallels a type of drill sergeant, urging her class to push themselves to the limit to achieve personal success. “She’s great,” Hasic-Stamps said. “She’s tough but that is the way she motivates the class. You want to keep going just to prove to her that you can do it.”

For more information, call Greenwood at ext. 8318, or attend the class to see what it’s all about.

Gina Roswell

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