Body Image Coalition backs important cause

By Brittany McLeod
March 27, 2008

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You may be familiar with the heart cut-outs that decorated every bathroom stall on campus recently that displayed inspirational messages for toileters to enjoy.

These messages come from the Body Image Coalition.

According to their Web site, the mission of the Cabrini College Body Image Coalition is to “guide and educate all members of the campus community towards a lifestyle rich with body acceptance, wellness and support.”

By promoting health and wellness, the Body Image Coalition has raised awareness of eating disorders and offered help to those in need.

During National Eating Disorder Week, Feb. 25 – March 1, the Body Image Coalition ran a jean donation drive where they were able to collect 65 pairs of jeans that will be donated to the Laurel House in Norristown.

On Feb. 26, the BIC was in the Marketplace handing out informational brochures on nutrition and eating disorders. With screenings and raffles for many great prizes, many students responded to the coalition’s call. That same day, staff and faculty donated $5 to wear jeans and the BIC raised $155.

“Being our first year we have only had enough time to broadcast one

major event,” Erin Morgan, a junior exercise science major and vice-president of the BIC, said in an e-mail. “We will be seen later in the spring at the health fair and hope

to educate even more people about body image.”

Caitlin Mangold, president of the BIC and senior exercise science and health promotion major, said in an e-mail, “Since the event, counseling services has had many people come in that may have an issue with their eating habits.” The success of these events has brought the organization to light among students at Cabrini. Still, the BIC is looking for new members every day.

“This organization is really looking for more students to join. This cause is a serious one that affects everyone it touches. If anyone is dealing with an eating disorder or knows anyone who is or might be, we ask to you to go to the counseling services on campus for help,” Mangold said.

For more information on the Body Image Coalition and how to get involved, check out the counseling services section of and look for the BIC’s Web page. You can also contact Mangold at to find out more.

“BIC was created to help everyone from students to faculty to members of the community. We didn’t want to subject our organization to solely eating disorders but to help people love their body and themselves; to be healthy and happy with who they are,” Morgan said.

Brittany McLeod

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