Blizzard turns students into kids again

By Kendall Neil
February 21, 2003

Nina Scimenes

Like little kids on Christmas morning, the students of Cabrini College sat around anxiously Sunday night waiting for the announcement that school would be closed for snow on Monday, Feb. 17. After the numerous instant messages, phone calls and searches on the web for any indication of a school closing, the official word made it around campus: Cabrini College would be closed on Monday, Feb. 17 due to inclement weather. Word spread like wild-fire and the campus became as active as it would on a Thursday night. It became a weekend that would last through Tuesday, Feb. 18.

With no classes, and seemingly no interest in doing any sort of homework, many of the students piled on the layers of clothes and went outside, armed with sleds, footballs and sparkes in their eyes. Many students found that the perfect place to begin their sledding adventure was on the hill next to the New Residence Hall and behind House One. Others decided to walk around the snowy campus and explore and, as usual, found the crowd to be outside of the Cabrini Apartment Complex.

So what are college kids supposed to be doing when there is snow on the ground? Turn into kids again, that’s what. While some people managed to dig their cars out of piles and piles of snow, others took advantage of these piles and decided to build a snow fort. However, the popular vote seemed to be a game of football in the knee-deep “football field” behind the Mansion. As sort of a “pre-game” workout, so to speak, the snow in front of the CAC became grounds for snowball fights and a never-ending tackling contest, which left most participants looking like the abominable snowman.

As the sky got darker and the air got colder, everyone made the hike to the cafeteria to stock up on food during the time the one hour dinner was being served. Seeing that the snow was only going to continue, students took the night for what it was and planned on having classes to be cancelled yet again on Tuesday. But just because the night sky was in blossom, that did not mean the fun in the snow was going to stop. After finding out that all neighboring food places were closed, four rather brave residents from the NRH decided they were hungry enough to walk to Wawa for some “safe fun,” sophomore Mike Sofia said. “We were hungry, and no one was delivering, so we decided to walk to Wawa. Two hours later, we made it back.”

After finding out classes were again cancelled on Tuesday, facilities put out a broadcast message to the resident student community asking to dig out the lumps hidden under the piles and piles of snow that used to be our cars. Despite a lot of complaining and comments from the students, everyone banned together and successfully moved the majority of the cars to the Founder’s Hall parking lot. At this time in our nation with so much riding on whether or not we will become involved in a war, it was a sigh of relief to stand back, looking at the masses of snow that now occupied the parking places that our cars once had been occupying. If we, as the future of this nation, were able to ban together and dig our cars out of the heaps and heaps of snow, who knows what we’ll be able to do next.

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Kendall Neil

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