Game show celebrates Black History month, heritage

By Jenay Smith
February 15, 2012

Students pose for a photo during Student Diversity’s Black History Trivia Game Show on Feb. 7 in Jazzman’s Cafe. (credit: Submitted by the Cabrini Student Diversity office facebook page)

The Student Diversity Office sponsored a trivia game show on Feb. 7 that focused on questions about African American history in honor of Black History Month.  Those who attended seemed to believe the trivia game was a smashing hit.

“I wanted to have a fun way to celebrate black history, have people be able to hear some of our history and learn things that we may not get a chance to hear in a classroom,” Stephanie Reed, director of the Student Diversity Office, said.

The events started off slow but towards the middle of the game, contestants and crowd alike were full of life.

Jason Williams, freshman business administration major, said the best part of the event was when he won.  He added that having fun and being given the chance to talk about black history was the highlight of the event.

“The best part about it was coming out having fun and actually having an opportunity to talk about Black History topics and having the opportunity to win money and win prizes,” Williams said.

The event had participants from multiple races and students were there to support their legacies.

“I came out today to support my race and my heritage because Black History is a big part of my family and my race,” Williams said.

“I think it was really fun and the students looked like they were having a good time,” Amber LaJeunesse, assistant director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, said. “It was a fun way to learn a little bit of information but also be competitive and have a good time.”

Next year, Student Diversity hopes to bring back Black History Month Trivia along with bigger and better prizes.

“I probably will bring [this] back next year,” Reed said. “Given the turnout that we had this time, I would hope that next year we have an even bigger turnout and maybe offer even bigger prizes.”

Black History trivia was a success and everyone who attended had a ton of fun. For some, this game show held a deeper meaning.

“I was taught as a young man by my grandfather and my mom that your history is the best part about you so don’t ever turn away from that,” Williams said.

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Jenay Smith

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