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February 10, 2005

Man runs from police then calls police for help

After a wild police chase into the woods, Jerry Wayne Till calls police to help him get out of the woods. Police were trying to pull over Till for speeding when it turned into a high-speed pursuit. Till drove his car to the edge of the woods and abandoned the car as he ran into the middle of the woods. Cops were unable to find Till until he called the sheriff’s station asking for help out of the woods. When asked why Till did not pull over he said it was because he wasn’t thinking straight.

Can I get some fries with that assault and battery

A man is being charged with assault and battery after throwing a breakfast sandwich at a McDonald’s employee. The man threw the breakfast sandwich at the McDonald’s manager after he realized his sandwich had sausage on it instead of ham. The man is being fined $600 and is on probation. He is also banned from the McDonald’s restaurant.

Who knew men had genitals?

Nude statue creates controversy in British Columbia. Michael Hermesh’s statue of a naked man with suitcases to represent emotional baggage has been the scene of controversy lately. Hermesh was first asked to cover the statue’s genitalia, however when that caused to many near accidents, he was then asked to remove the cover. Since then the statue has been vandalized several times. The council members said they were unaware of the nudity when the statue was originally proposed. The statue will remain in place until September.

Limited time offer: prom date on Ebay

Nathan Carlson puts himself up for auction on Ebay. Carlson who put himself up on Ebay as a potential prom date was taken off this past week. Carlson made a comment to a friend about donating a portion of the profits if the bidding went past $1,500. Ebay heard this news, which is against their policies, and took the auction of the website.

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