Bittersweet farewell: seniors final home match

By Gillian Davis
October 30, 2008

It was senior day for Cabrini’s volleyball team on Saturday, Oct. 25. The gym was decorated with blue and white balloons and posters with every senior’s name written on them.

Families came from all over to celebrate this occasion. Lindsay Martin’s family flew in from California to cheer her on and give her all of their support.

Before the game against College of Notre Dame, seniors Martin, Kaitlyn Fetterman, Michelle Mola and Danielle Finnegan were honored and thanked for playing for Cabrini and for always playing their best.

The girls won their first match with a score of 25 to 15.

They were blocking and hitting every ball that entered their side of the court. Perfect demonstrations of bumping, setting and spiking could be seen from the players.

Showing that they knew what they were doing, the seniors took charge and dominated the court.

By controlling the offensive end of the court, Martin achieved 11 kills. She didn’t stop there. Martin had 22 kill attempts, seven digs and four assists.

“She was excellent,” William Martin, Martin’s farther, said. “She did well reading the defense and knew exactly when to slam and touch the ball. I am so proud of everything she does.”

Fetterman, Finnegan and Mola also showed off their skills. Fetterman completed eight kills and five blocks, while Finnegan had six digs.

Mola, the team’s libero, saved the ball from hitting the floor by completing 14 digs.

The next match was won with a score of 25 to 21 and the seniors were not the only one’s scoring the points.

Freshman Courtney Abel had eight digs and junior Kate Conahan had one dig and five sets.

Lizzie Williams, junior, always appeared to be in the right spot to set the ball 27 times to her fellow teammates.

Alexis Doss, freshman, had 18 kill attempts and three digs.

Traci Beltz, junior, achieved seven kills and 24 kill attempts.

“That game was intense,” Kim Prigge, junior exercise science and health promotion major, said. “These girls really know how to communicate with each other; the perfect team.”

The next match proved Prigge to be right.

The girls played with strength offensively and defensively. Their communication had awarded them with another win of 25 to

Bittersweet farewell: seniors final home match 10, thus securing the win.

The girls ran around the court, screaming and jumping, excited about their win. All the seniors came in together for a big group hug and cherished the moment of winning their last game in the Cabrini gym.

“It won’t be the same without the seniors,” Stephanie Recklau, sophomore, said.

“It was emotional playing beside them and knowing that they won’t be with us next year.”

Recklau, scoring the team six points with her kills, ran over to the seniors to congratulate them once more on the win.

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Gillian Davis

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