Billy Joel: Sing us a song ‘Piano Man’

By Jillian Milam
March 16, 2006

Billy Joel fans yearned for more by screaming his name after he finished the last symphony of the night, ‘Piano Man.’

As he ran off the stage, the audience began piling out of the concert, still singing along to the aftertaste that Billy Joel’s last performance left in each of our mouths.

The night began with the fast-paced pounding of piano keys, formally known as the song, “Angry Young Man,” followed by a roar of applause and praise.

Although Billy Joel doesn’t look so “young” anymore, his energy exuded from the stage as he put on a baseball cap, did fancy tricks with the microphone and danced vigorously as if he was in his prime all over again.

February 14 was more than just a day for chocolates and flowers; it was the day that Billy Joel came to town and rocked the entire Wachovia Center. For those of you had the chance to go to any of the Billy Joel concerts in Philadelphia during the past few months, you are in for a treat.

So here’s a little tribute to you, Billy:

“You may be right, I may be crazy,” but we “love you just the way you are.” You might have a few DUIs under your belt, but at heart you are not only an “innocent man,” you are “the entertainer.” Don’t you “say goodbye to Hollywood” because there’s always a special place for you, “Billy the kid.”

“We didn’t start the fire” so don’t put out those flames. Your music, lyrics and talent have put us in a Billy Joel “state of mind,” so “sing us a song piano man” and “don’t go changing” a thing!

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Posted to the web by Brandon Edwards

Jillian Milam

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