bilingualism and immigration

By Staff Writer
December 10, 2004

I realize this letter is strongly worded and too long, but you can easily trim out anything you find too controversial. I ask that you forward it to all your email contacts. I think its important that the forwarded version remain intact. I have already submitted this letter to almost all the newspapers in the country, and circulated it on the net. You won’t be the only one to print it, i can assure you. I was also told that in New England, the atm machines also ask you if you want it in Portuguese, Russian, and Polish. That makes this letter even more relevant as to the problem of unlimited immigration. You could also preface the letter and tell people to be sure and read the last paragraph very carefully, before they jump to conclusions. Out of 6 to 700 letters to editors across the country, i’ve had exactly 4 negative responses, so i know that the vast majority of people agree with this viewpoint.

Within this past year, Oklahoma has experienced a spanish language invasion. Our atm machines, tv stations, discount stores, and drivers exams are going bilingual . I’m fairly certain that if we wanted to live in mexico, then we would all move to mexico, including the hispanic population. No one has the right to enter our country illegally, and then invade our homes or our businesses with a foreign language. Despite the fact that every poll indicates an overwhelming majority of the population oppose this trend, we have a handful of corporations and politicians that seem intent on forcing us to accept it. We don’t have to accept anything! If they thought we didn’t like the metric system, they haven’t seen anything yet!!

We have already done more for Mexico, than a lesser nation would have done at great expense to our own economy. What the government doesn’t tell you about the unemployment figures, is that it doesn’t include the thousands of spouses who have lost their factory jobs, and have chosen to stay home, rather than search for a lower paying minimum wage job.

The real danger here goes far beyond the economic realities. If illegal immigration is allowed to go unchecked, then we will have effectively allowed another country to just walk right in, and turn America into what they want it to be. There will be enormous consequences that most people have not even considered.

1) They will eventually want their own spanish speaking schools. We can barely afford to maintain the schools that we already have.

2) Hispanic kids will have a distinct advantage in getting the higher paying bilingual jobs. Already police departments are paying more for bilingual officers, and passing up for promotion nonbilingual officers. Eventually, corporations will do the same thing and it will get so bad that you won’t even be able to get a job at a fast food restaurant unless you are bilingual. Our kids should not have to learn another countries language in order to get a job in their own country! The very idea, that we would force 100 million of our kids to learn Spanish, instead of requiring a few million illegal immigrants to learn English, is absurd.

3) There is a real possibility that the border states may try to secede from the union someday, if we don’t almost completely stop immigration, and Americanize the ones that are here already.

4) Our highway signs will eventually go bilingual.

5) We have ex convicts and students looking for a decent job all the time, but they aren’t going to work if illegal immigrants drive down wages. Wouldn’t it be better to pay our own citizens a good wage, than to pay to incarcerate them or burden them with a college loan that takes forever to pay off?

6) Our kids will begin to grow up thinking that spanish language and culture is the real America, and we all know that it is not.

Every country has mountains, valleys, fields and streams, but what defines a country is language and culture. We all know that spanish language and culture is not American, but they are slowly trying to convince us that it is. Our kids will eventually believe this. We all have our heritage, but most of us have blended in, except for the hispanic population.

Although we have every legal right to deport non citizens, there may be a better way to handle this problem. Every member of Congress and every Governor in the lower 48, now has a plan in their possession to control this problem. This plan does not grant them amnesty, but it does give them an id card with legal status for 3 years, that could double as their own drivers license. It also requires foreign workers to pass a basic English test, provides a way to collect taxes from the employer, and forces the employer to hire our own people first. In my opinion, the only people that should be considered for citizenship are people who already have school age children. This would prevent people from having kids solely so they could stay in the country. You can see this plan at, look at other political issues, click immigration, click illegal immigration, go to the second page, it is the 6th post down. There is also a plan to eliminate bilingualism on the same page, 15th post down. I would urge you to contact your congressmen over the next several months, and let them know that some version of these plans should be implemented. If nothing else, then please urge them to enforce our current immigration laws.

If congress still doesn’t get the message, then we should launch a taxpayers revolt. This means that no matter who is elected President, if we don’t see a plan to eliminate bilingualism, and crack down on illegal immigration within 60 days of taking office, then everyone who owes federal taxes should file an extension and not pay their taxes until something is done. If the hispanic population decides to try to dissuade Congress by threatening an economic boycott, then we should cancel nafta and start massive interior enforcement. We have been far too nice, for far too long, and now look what is happening! We should also automatically vote every member of Congress out of office, regardless of other factors and political affiliation, until they get the message! We should start with the Congressmen who have an espanol link on their website. It seems that they currently care more about the hispanic vote, than they do ours. Congress must listen to the majority. There is no way to make everyone completely happy. As an absolute last resort, we should avoid any business that uses any language other than English. No one wants to do this, but we will if we have to. Congress should have no illusion, that they will use this plan to gradually make citizenship easier. We can use this tax revolt any time in the future as well, if they don’t continually get tougher, and it will work simply because this is the one issue that the vast majority of Americans agree on. In my next letter, i will explain how we can restore this country to how it was before the lawyers started tearing it apart. By combining the people who want to bring back all our traditional religious customs and displays in our schools and government buildings, and the people who want to stop illegal immigration and eliminate bilingualism, we will have 75to 85 percent of the people on our side to pass a new amendment protecting our traditional language, and religious customs and displays.

Lastly, it is important to note that this is not a racial issue. African Americans will be at a disadvantage as well, in getting the higher paying bilingual jobs. If Germany was on our border invading our country illegally, and turning America into Germany, then it would be exactly the same problem. World War II veterans did not die so that German language could invade our homes either. I have also been told that atm machines in New England are in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. Even more evidence to not only crackdown on illegal immigration, but immigration in general should be brought to a halt. Historically, when you start hearing people speak a different language, that means you have just lost a war. We don’t have to lose this one, but we will if we don’t take drastic action!!

Todd Neufeld

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Staff Writer

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