Big trip to small country triggers old memories

By Diana Vilares
February 1, 2007

They say that as we get older we start to value things we took for granted when we were young and more interested in how everything in life could benefit us. I guess they’re trying to tell us that we’re pretty selfish until we are capable of looking at the same thing twice and leaving with a deeper understanding of it the second time around.

I recently took a trip to Portugal with my mother to visit family we hadn’t seen for a few years. For the non-geography majors, Portugal is located west of Spain and despite popular belief, its official language is not Spanish. Although small, Portugal is a country rich in history, and with the risk of sounding biased, a humble one.

I had made the trip plenty of times before and my 84-year-old grandmother was still the top dog in the kitchen cooking for 20 people in honor of her daughter’s homecoming. But, still, things were different this time.

When I was younger, the majority of my summers were spent across the Atlantic with my family. Then, my main concern was how I could sucker my grandfather into buying me ice cream at the local caf

Diana Vilares

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