BigString: self-destructing e-mails

By Liz Garrett
November 15, 2007

A senator receives scandalous information, a wife develops an outside relationship, an older man brainwashes a high school girl.

The great technology of communicating through e-mail has made it simple for people to commit such acts. The law has the power to use e-mail as evidence during corrupt situations.

What would happen if the criminal was allowed to erase any electronic proof that he or she is in fact guilty?

BigString Corporation is responsible for designing several new features making e-mail smarter. By using BigString a person has ultimate control over each e-mail they send out to their recipient.

Once an e-mail is viewed a certain number of times, or the sender has set a preferred time it will self-destruct and become non-existient.

Even if the e-mail is being read, BigString has made it possible for it to completely vanish from the recipient’s inbox, outbox, or any other folder.

The creators of the program have labeled BigString as “the next big thing in communication,” promising that they can even set it up so that printing a hard copy of an e-mail or forwarding it can be avoided by choice.

Recallable e-mail is the name the company has given to a section of the program that enables previously sent e-mail to be recalled.

The development of such a powerful e-mail service is something that will definitely effect the way people use e-mail.

It seems the men and women who created this unique innovation meant for it to help make people’s lives more secure. How many people all over the world would rather use a system where they have complete control over every past, present and future email they send and receive?

This program was obviously intended to make e-mail a totally free service, with anything available at the click of a mouse. The problem is that there will always be a large percentage of people that will abuse such freedoms.

Politicians could be handling matters that they wish to keep classified. Therefore they can set their e-mails at self-destruct or they can recall important information that no one else is able to see.

It is unfortunate how much cheating occurs in this world, so it is a definite possibility that men and women could find these features useful when hiding their contact with another person.

Child predators may also be supportive of BigString because they would then have the power to erase any indication of relationships they have with an underage individuals.

Overall the entire invention of the BigString program was well worth the effort because of how many new and convenient features are now supplied to the public.

The only issue I see with the program is that it has the chance of becoming just another way for people to commit crimes. BigString does, however, resemble technology out of a James Bond movie or any other film involving futuristic spy gadgets.

I am sure people will thoroughly enjoy having even more power than they already do in the electronic world.

Liz Garrett

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