Big Plans for the theater

By Staff Writer
September 23, 2004

Lori Iannella

Cabrini College’s theatre has big plans for this school year. The 2004 election brings many opportunities for the theatre. Theatre Director Neal Newman plans for the first project to resemble something like “Saturday Night Live.” Though Newman and his students don’t have a title or detailed format yet, they will most likely be performing a musical-comedy combination.

It will be performed to entertain along with inform students about all the issues that are going on currently. “This project will really be built on the talent of the performers because the students will write, prepare, rehearse and for the most part, direct it,” Newman said.

Yet, whether you are a Bush fan or Kerry fan or even undecided, there will be something for everybody. It will not be one-sided and though some students are for Kerry and others are for Bush, their representation in this project will be very fair.

The theatre students want to stress how important this election is and how important the political issues are but they will do it through music and comedy. Also included in this first project will be issues about Cabrini and they will be addressed through humor. So, there will be diversity throughout the whole production.

The theatre’s biggest project can be expected some time in the second semester. The production is still undecided because it is so early in the school year but they are considering doing a classic production that can also relate with some contemporary issues. Auditions for the major production will be in December. Though there are still many ideas undecided it is still stressed by Newman and other theatre students to come out to the theatre and get acquainted with the program. Newman and the theatre students seem very eager to meet new people and will welcome newcomers with open arms.

The current events evolving in the world and country, especially in the next two months, will have a great effect on the issues the theatre program will address through their performances. “It’s an awesome time to be alive…and being in the show or in the audience is something students will remember all their life,” Newman said.

So what can you expect from the theatre is what Newman calls “Guerilla Theatre.” In past years it seems that students have been numb to what is going on in the theatre in the past but this year will be different. Students, don’t be surprised if some theatre students come into the classrooms and act as a John Kerry or a George W. Bush for a two minute sketch before class.

“Sometimes all you need is two minutes to hit and run,” Newman said. The theatre will let the students know the issues and make it entertaining even off the stage. This will be the ultimate opportunity for the theatre to thrive and engross us all. Bottom line: look forward to some amazing things from the theatre program and its students this year.

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Staff Writer

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