VIDEO INCLUDED: Events showcase Spring Fling

By Staff Writer
April 29, 2004

Marisa Gallelli

Spring Fling Video Footage

Even though the rain poured down outside, the Grace Hall Atrium was rocking with Cabrini students and their guests. WYBF 89.1 The Burn held their kick-off dance and freestyle competition which started off Spring Fling weekend on Friday. As students entered, graffiti-covered paper lined the walls, CDs shimmered off the DJ’s lights and there was even a “homie” stand up that students could get their picture taken in.

After the Cabrini dance team performed, the freestyle competition took place. There were three people who participated and the winner won a $100 gift certificate to the King of Prussia mall. This is different from last year’s prize which was an mp3 player.

The Mansion lawn was bustling with activity at 7a.m. when CAP Board began its preparations for Spring Fling on Saturday. Around 1p.m. other activities began to set up their things at their designated tables. The area was moved this year so that in the future there would be more flexibility in order to expand certain activities. This year’s theme was “Spring Fling is Hot, Hot, Hot” and the T-shirts that were sold represented this with a tabasco bottle design. There were plenty of activities available for Cabrini students and others who joined the campus.

The wind didn’t stop Latinos Unidos from setting up their inflatable palm trees and handing out free pina coladas. SGA was also there to hand out T-shirts to those students who filled out surveys about their drunk driving awareness campaign. Woodcrest Magazine was also on hand to give out free copies of the fall issue of this year’s literary magazine. WYBF 89.1 The Burn was at Spring Fling giving away free T-shirts and other promotional items such as CDs.

Many of the students attempted human fooseball, sumo wrestling and the velcro wall. Students tumbled from side to side as they tried to get up after their friends pummeled them to the ground as they sumo wrestled with each other. Students walked around the Mansion lawn looking for their friends to team up with during the human fooseball games, while a group of children looked on and awaited patiently for Cabrini students to replace them in the game.

Loud shrills of laughter came from the velcro wall as students threw themselves against the inflatable wall. Some of the students automatically fell off the wall and then one person actually got stuck on the wall. Many people were waiting in line for their Henna tattoos and also browsed over the products that Lunar Designs were selling at Spring Fling. Most Cabrini students were chopping down on Fried Oreos, cheese fries and what Wood Dining Services had to offer during the day.

As all the activities continued on throughout the day three bands performed for the crowds. The first band to hit the stage was Independene Drive with their alternative/ modern rock lyrics that kept the crowd on their feet. The other band that performed at Spring Fling was Hi-Jinx. F.A.C.E Entertainment brought music that kept the crowd going throughout the day.

Even though everything lasted from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, the day was far from being over. Latinos Unidos began their block party at 7:30 p.m. WYBF 89.1 The Burn kicked it off with their second annual Winger’s Wing Eating Competition. The winner was Dave Jones who ate 40 wings and won a $20 dollar gift certificate to Winger’s. Afterwards, Latinos Unidos provided salsa music and dance teacher Andrew Phelps who helped students with their salsa moves.

At the end of the night, Latinos Unidos had a dance competition where the runner up won a $25 gift certificate to the King of Prussia Mall and the winner won a $50 gift certificate and a free dance lesson at the studio Phelps works at. All the participants were excited and when it got down to the final two anticipation filled the air.

CAV Sound was on hand during Spring Fling to provide music for the block party. The three sound techs wore their sombreros that Lations Unidos gave out as they provided the salsa music for the block party.

Almost, 200 people were present at the WYBF 89.1 The Burn kick-off dance and almost 400 people were present at the Spring Fling activities. The numbers show how successful both events were.

As the night dwindled down, partyed out students walked back exhausted to their dorms for a good night’s sleep as they enjoyed the last minutes of what was a long celebrated Spring Fling event.

Posted to the web by Marisa Gallelli
Video footage by Cecelia Francisco and Editing by Shawn Rice and Angelina Wagner

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