Hormone treatments lead to healthier lifestyle

By Ransom Cozzillio
October 16, 2010

A local doctor informed a small crowd at a recent seminar that the key to a better and healthier life is now possible through hormone therapy.

The free seminar, hosted by BodyLogicMD, a national organization of doctors specializing in hormone therapy, was held to educate attendees about the possible benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone treatments.

Bio-Identical Hormone therapy may be the solution for many suffering from menopause, andropause and other hormone imbalances.

Dr. Kenneth Varano, owner and operator of BodyLogicMD of Philadelphia, discussed this with the audience at the BodyLogicMD office in King of Prussia on Wednesday, Oct. 13.

“People get frustrated with conventional medicine and lose trust,” Varano said. “Traditional medicine is based on disease, not health. If you do not have a disease, they can’t help you.”

BodyLogicMD’s Bio-Identical Hormone therapy is a treatment centered on health and balance, rather than disease.

“Balance is key,” Varano said. “If hormones are balanced, people function well.”

By using an individually designed combination of hormones that mirror those present in the human body, one can treat many of the negative symptoms of menopause, andropause, elevated stress levels and aging, Varano, a user of the treatment himself, explained.

“This is cutting edge, individualized medicine,” Jill Swartz, vice president of marketing and chief image officer for BodyLogicMD, said in a phone interview. “People come because they are suffering, looking for relief. We don’t want to just treat disease, we want to prevent it.”

For all advantages that this hormone therapy could offer, it does remain a form of alternative medicine and a relatively uncommon one at that. Many doctors and scientists are, as of yet, unaware or skeptical of Bio-Identical Hormone treatments.

Both Dr. David Dunbar, associate professor of biology, and Dr. Anne Coleman, assistant professor of life and physical sciences, expressed a lack of familiarity with these hormone treatments and mechanics.

“I honestly have never heard of this hormone treatment,” Dunbar said in an email interview. “I always throw up red flags when some treatment claims to perfectly restore balance and health. Not many drugs, even effective ones can do this.”

For many, the treatment proposed in Dr. Varano’s seminar offers hope and an interesting alternative to traditional treatments of hormone-related health issues.

For those interested in more information, BodyLogicMD can be found on the internet at BodyLogicMD.com and the local King of Prussia office can be reached via telephone at 877-278-3697.

Ransom Cozzillio

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