Best year ever: 2004-2005

By Jillian Milam
April 28, 2005

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and students are packing their things for summer as the 2004-2005 school year abruptly comes to an end. Soon enough, we will all be waiting in line to return our books, although for many of us, it seems as if it were yesterday that we were in the same line buying them.

Like so many years before, 2004-2005 seemed to fly-by for a number of students. It was, however, a year full of memories, shocking moments, tragedies and news-breaking events. Events like the heart-wrenching breakup between Jen and Brad, the infamous Michael Jackson trials, the unfortunate tsunami in India and the death of Pope John Paul II, has definitely had its’ share ups and downs and in-betweens.

“I have a hard time even remembering this year,” Kelly James, a senior art major, said. “It went by so quick, it’s almost a blur!”

But for James, her favorite part of this year proved to be the “inside jokes and memories I made with my friends,” she said.

This year is especially emotional for her since she is a senior and a next year at Cabrini does not exist. “The whole year I thought I would be upset with graduation and everything, but after all the work I did this year….I can’t wait to get out of school,” James said.

James is feeling the anxiety that this year’s ending entails, yet still feels upset about leaving Cabrini. “I’m still nervous to be out of college and the whole unemployment thing…and it’s sad because I’ll never have a chance to live in these kind of quarters again,” James said. “It’s cool getting to know people in such a close way.”

For Shaun Smith, a senior English/communications major, one of his favorite things about this year involved his student ambassador position here at Cabrini.

“I really enjoyed working in admissions this year,” he said. “I got to meet so many new people that I never knew before…plus I got to give tours to prospective students and I’m really proud of this school.”

However, Smith’s number -one highlight of 2005 is something we all know about: the Super Bowl. “My favorite part was watching the Eagles choke in the Super Bowl,” Smith said. Although this moment could be considered the least favorite occurrence of 2005 for some, Smith sees it as one of the best moments. Regardless, the Eagles making it into the Super Bowl was an unforgettable event, positive or negative, for many people in the local area.

This year has undoubtedly been a memorable and quick- one for many as our summer begins and schoolwork vanishes. So enjoy your free time, vacations, barbeques and suntans because before you know it, we’ll be standing in line once again buying textbooks for the fall semester of 2005-2006.

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Jillian Milam

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