Best Week Ever

By Ashley Randazzo
October 14, 2005

Google me this, Google me that!

Google is now one of the largest search engines on the planet and has beaten out competition from Microsoft and Yahoo together. Although nothing is set in stone, there are many theories where Google will go next. The sky’s the limit, and Google will soon be there too!

They now have contracts with NASA for research projects, nanotechnology and the entrepreneurial space industry. Bringing information to average people is the main business for Yahoo and Microsoft, but Google could be working on anything from FREE wireless internet access around the country to launching complete libraries of books for readers to access anytime, at no charge.

Plans are in the works for complete books to be scanned and have complete text be searchable on the internet. The real test now is to see how much this will benefit those with computers right from their own home. It’s a chance to skip the library and find sources from one place. Although some publishers are wary about the attempts to do this, Google is looking into it further to make sure no one loses money on this deal.

Not just in the elevators and food stores anymore…

If you’re scheduled for surgery you may not only be dealing with the doctor’s voice stirring up in your head, but the sound of a few known oldies or maybe the styling of a contemporary artist.

In Chicago, Illinois using music in operating rooms is becoming very normal to doctors due to the wide popularity of music and the way it relaxes them in order to perform the best possible surgery. There are studies that have shown that the music played in the operating room benefits the patient in the result that the music could reduce the need for anesthesia when going under the knife.

Though every surgeon is different, it is up to the anesthesiologist to decide what to put on the CD player, depending on the tastes of the surgeon of course. Any requests?

The next generation of music…

The fact that iPod became the best seller of all MP3s in history is just not enough anymore. Another plan is in the works for a new addition to the iPod family.

The iPod Nano was introduced just a few weeks ago to the public, but now Apple Computer Inc. has an even bigger idea to make some serious money. Now not only will your iPod play music, it will be video enabled! This is the latest edition to the iPod family and consumers will sure to love this iPod as much as the other models.

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Ashley Randazzo

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