‘Bella’ wins at film festival in Toronto

By Christine Graf
November 8, 2007

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When an uncertain future crosses a hidden past they collide into the film “Bella.” The title represents the movie to perfection. There are no other words to describe the award-winning film but beautiful.

Friday, Oct. 26 was the premier of the winner of the Toronto Film Festival’s Peoples Choice Award, the movie “Bella.” The film, inspired by a true story, has already captured the hearts of film festivals all over the country, winning 10 other awards. It also was honored by the White House’s immigration department and recognized by the Smithsonian Museum.

The awards represent how “Bella,” a film with a little known director, producer and actors, has blown away viewers and critics all over the United States. It truly breaks through the stereotypes of passion that is supposed to sell in movies.

There are no big sex scenes, obsessions or even romances but instead the film takes two everyday people and reveals their deepest darkest secrets. Through the secrets, a deeply inspirational and significant message becomes revealed.

The movie portrays the importance of family, friends, relationships, choices, forgiveness and most notably love. One aspect to take note of is that this movie is not a love story between two people but just a story about love and understanding of all people. “Bella” captures humanity in a compassionate and uplifting way.

The movie stirs a mixture of emotions without losing the meaning and even humor, leaving the viewer touched enough to change the way they look at the world.

“Bella showed the importance of compassion and understanding of others because everyone has a story behind who and why they are the way they are. People make assumptions everyday and ‘Bella’ helped me see that I am no different. It inspired me to learn more about other people because you really never know the truth until you ask and listen; as opposed to assume,” Renee Roff, a junior elementary and special education major, said after leaving the theater.

“Bella” is most definitely something worth viewing because of the life lesson gained throughout. The Wolfington Center and Student Activities are providing complementary tickets and the film is being played at the nearby King of Prussia Stadium.

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Christine Graf

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