Being president is no gender-specific job

By Liz Kerstetter
November 17, 2006

Is the United States ready for a woman president? They certainly should be. Whether or not a woman actually does become president, the United States should be at a point where they can handle a female leader.

Personally, I do not think it should matter what the sex of our president is. Both a male and female are capable of doing the same quality job.

Although I am a female, I am no feminist and will gladly admit that if there were a sport or physical strength-related job, a male would be the better employee. Similarly, if it were a cleaning job, I would choose a woman.

I know it’s stereotypical, but we all know it’s true.

The job of president of the United States, however, is not gender specific. It requires an intelligent, quick-thinking and responsible individual. All of these qualities can be characteristics of either sex. As long as a candidate fits the job description, it should not matter what sex they are.

In 2005, ABC aired a new series, “Commander-in-Chief,” which portrayed the life of America’s first female president. A Gallup poll taken around the time of the show’s premiere revealed that 72 percent of Americans would consider voting for a female as equally as they would vote for a male for president.

I think this figure is strong. It shows that America is gradually beginning to practice what they preach and create a nation of equals. I also think it will take at least another decade for a woman to be in close running for the office of president.

Although 72 percent seems like a high number, it is only the number of people who would consider voting for a female. Once you factor in political party and personal issues, there are not enough votes left for a woman to win.

The United States moves closer and closer towards a female president each year, but I would still hold out for another 10 years before placing any bets on a woman winner.

And to those who still have doubts about a woman being a competent president, ABC’s “Commander-in-Chief” said, “If Moses had been a woman, leading the Jews out of Egypt, she’d have stopped to ask for directions. They would’ve found Israel within a week.”

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Liz Kerstetter

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