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September 25, 2003

Cecelia Francisco

It was the day after Jennifer Lopez’s turned 32, she officially gave Cris Judd, her husband at the time, his divorce papers. She was only married to Judd for about 10 months.

While married to Judd, she was filming the movie “Gigli,” with co-star Ben Affleck. It was at that point in which rumors started getting out that there was something going on between Lopez and Affleck.

A few weeks after her birthday, Lopez went to Affleck’s birthday party where they were seen holding hands and kissing. It was then that the media officials had the proof to consider them a couple.

It was in October of 2002 when the world noticed a six-karat pink, diamond ring on Lopez’s ring finger. Everyone was asking, “was J.Lo engaged?” After several denials from both parties, they finally made it official; Lopez and Affleck were engaged.

After much speculation, the date was set for Sunday, Sept. 14, 2003; this was the day Lopez and Affleck would finally wed.

Lopez and Affleck became Hollywood’s hottest couple, but the two were over 2000 miles apart from each other, during the weekend in which they were supposed to be wed.

There are many speculations on why the two broke up. According to Sky News, “the mother was a factor.” The story goes on to say, “it’s very clear Ben was the one who broke it off with J.Lo. First he called off the wedding and the next day, he called off the relationship.”

Another report states that Lopez went to go and see her spiritual godmother to whom she regularly visits. Merle Gonzalez, also known as Ju Ju, is Lopez’s godmother. She practices an ancient form of voodoo called Santeria, meaning way of the saints, which can involve animal sacrifices such as beheading sheep and ripping the heads off of chickens. This is speculated that J.Lo went and Ju Ju performed Santeria.

Students have mixed feelings as to what actually happened. “I think they got married. I think this stunt was pulled so that no one would be around and they could have their privacy,” junior Megan Reich said.

Some just “don’t care” as junior Chris Spratt and freshman Chelsey Pernick said. “I really don’t care. It’s interesting, but it’s really not affecting me right now,” Pernick said.

Other students are keeping in mind that, although famous, Lopez and Affleck are normal people. “I think that they have their ups and downs. I do believe that they are in love and that there will eventually be a big wedding,” freshman Farrah Hammond said.

Either way, fans are still waiting to find out what the latest gossip will be. The news changes almost every hour as to whether or not the “happy couple” is still a “happy couple.” However, most people are skeptical as to whether or not they were even together in the first place. Was it just a publicity stunt? Or was it love? Is Lopez’s track record too much for Affleck to deal with? Only time will tell.

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