Editorial: The Loquitur: You speak we listen

By Mallory Terrence
April 16, 2009

The Loquitur has been a Cabrini College tradition since 1959, exactly two years after Cabrini opened. Over the years, The Loquitur has given hundreds of students the ability to experience writing and the world of journalism first hand.

Each fall semester, a new staff of editors take on the task of creating the weekly publication to inform, educate and entertain the Cabrini community.

The Loquitur is a nationally ranked college newspaper. In 2007, it was named one of the 18 best weekly newspapers in the nation, along with Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

What has been responsible for placing Loquitur on the national map? We did not earn that title by covering students’ dislikes of the cafeteria food or the lack of parking on campus. We understand that as writers we have the ability to tell a story that might not otherwise be told. That is why the current editors and previous ones have devoted much of the paper to important issues of local, regional, national and international scope that connect to the lives of students and staff on campus.

Loquitur stories go beneath the surface. When other college newspapers might merely report that a speaker spoke on campus, The Loquitur tries to get into the heart of what the speaker spoke about.

Cabrini is especially dedicated to social justice. Sure, social justice issues won’t be found in your average college newspaper, but Cabrini is not your average college.

Social justice is a major part of Cabrini’s history and future. The students who study and are involved in working to make our world a better place for all should be honored and recognized by the articles that are covered each week, just the way college newspapers, and The Loquitur, honors its athletes.

The Loquitur editors are constantly faced with the task of what to fill the 16-page newspaper with, content to please not only ourselves but to the whole student body, faculty, staff, alumni and prospective students.

We recognize that the impact of the current financial crisis or the Middle East conflicts will have lasting effects on our futures. The Loquitur strives to make the connection between our day-to-day lives of studying, working and having fun and the bigger world beyond.

We cover similar topics to the national commercial news media, but with this difference ? we always try to make the connection to Cabrini students’ own lives.

But frankly, there are not many earth-shaking events going on in Radnor, Pa., that are front-page worthy. Of course when something major happens on campus like our basketball teams going to the championship, it gets put on the front page but on an average week, we try to tell the stories behind the scenes.

For the students involved with the campus newspaper, it is much more than a class with homework and lectures; it is our job, our life and our passion.

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Mallory Terrence

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