EDITORIAL: Staying alert with lasting effects

By Nina Scimenes
February 17, 2005

The use and misuse of adderall is not taken as seriously as it should be. Cabrini’s campus has a blindfold on when it comes to being aware of what drugs students are using and why. When people hear the word “drug,” the first thing that comes to mind is usually illegal drugs. Taking the seriousness of adderall into consideration can help raise awareness to students about the dangers that they are at risk each time they use it.

Adderall is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration; however, doctors can easily miss diagnose a patient and wrongly prescribe this medicine to the wrong person; that is where the problem starts, having the prescription in the wrong hands.

The selling and exchanging of adderall is usually nonchalant on campus. People tend to keep it very casual within a circle of friends. This is another reason why the issue is not widely known.

On college campuses the most used drug is alcohol, and there is no secret to the main reason people drink, to socialize. This generalization cannot be made for adderall because the reasons are not always as clear. The cause and effects of people abusing adderall are both equally important issues to stay concerned about. There are several reasons that can cause a student to feel the need to take a drug that will alter their well-being. Several stress related issues come into play with adderall since one side effect is to stay alert and this helps when doing school work.

Another reason students have the urge to stay awake during odd hours is to party. Using adderal as a recreational drug is even more risky than for studying purposes because, chances are, the adderal is being mixed with other drugs. Serious harm to the body can be done when drugs are mixed without the advising of a doctor.

Students who take adderall for any given reason should be aware that they are in potential danger of hurting themselves. Help is on campus for students who are faced with this problem. Students on campus are encouraged to visit the Rooyman’s center for counseling if they feel this editorial speaks to them. Don’t hesitate to get help. The longer one waits to resolve their problem, the stronger that problem becomes. If you know someone who needs help, be a friend and direct them to seek professional advice.

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Nina Scimenes

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